The LMC Plans to Expel Clubs Guilty of Match-Fixing From the League.

The League Management Company (LMC) is poised to establish stiffer sanctions on clubs in the Glo Premier League found to have manipulated exiting regulations in their bid to secure a favourable result.

League Management Company.
League Management Company.

With the Nigeria Professional Football League approaching the tail end of its season, the league body is aware that this is that crucial stage when match-fixing becomes the order of the day. It also warned that home teams that break the rules risks being sent to honour matches at venues to be chosen by the LMC.

“We will not at this stage brook any scheming to influence the outcome of any match as such conducts that infringe on existing regulations will attract commensurate sanctions including throwing the guilty clubs out of the League,” the LMC chairman Hon. Nduka Irabor said.

The LMC said it is striving towards securing the integrity of match results in the NPFL by taking proactive steps that will curtail the destructive idea of match-fixing.

“We will no longer order any club found guilty of certain stipulated infractions to play behind closed doors but will banish such clubs to venues to be chosen by the league body and this is still within the ambit of the regulations,” declared the LMC chairman.

He then encouraged referees to help maintain the sanctity of the football league in the country and assured clubs in the Glo Premier League of continued fairness in the league organisation.

“The Referees are the first of defence in ensuring the integrity of match results and they have a sacred responsibility to report those who attempt to compromise them as we assure them of protection.

“This is why we will not hesitate to banish clubs that compromise security to other centres,” Irabor added.


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