Threats Of Violence: Rivers Youths Will Call Your Bluff, Amaechi Tells Wike

Amaechi-WikeA statement credited to Minister of State for Education, Barr. Nyesom Wike that he would make sure Gov. Rotimi Amaechi never sleeps with his two eyes closed again has been dismissed by the Rivers State Government which says it is planning massive youth engagement to counter the threat by the minister.

According to the Chief of Staff, Government House, Port Harcourt, Mr. Tony Okocha, Gov. Amaechi is putting a programme in place that would engage over 65,000 youths in the state.

Okocha argued that with such investments in the youth, it would be difficult for Wike to carry out his threat.

The Chief of Staff added such youths would be paid at the end of every month thereby making them unwilling tools in the hands of Wike or any other politician whose plan is to engage them in any untoward activity.

Okocha said, “With Wike’s statement he has shown that he has shown to the world and Nigeria in particular that he is behind the negative things happening in Rivers and that is the man that has benefitted a lot from Rivers State.

“The governor is putting the state resources into very meaningful features. We have gone into human capital development and no fewer than 65,000 Rivers youths. Rivers youths will benefit from a new programme that will soon be put in place by the state government.

“This will go a long way to ensure that the youths are meaningfully engaged. We are sure that with this, those he (Wike) has been using and others he may want to use will call his bluff.

“Wike’s statement is a very dangerous one that deserves every serious-minded security apparatus to investigate; we are not deterred at all, but the issue is that it leaves much to be desired for a serving minister of the nation to be that lose and uncouth to say that he would make a state uncomfortable for the governor of that state.

“What we should be worried about is what does he think he would have such powers, who does he rely on to do that? Whatever his answers are, we are not worried at all because Governor Rotimi Ameachi will not invest in violence, he would rather invest in things that will bring peace and development to the state”, Okocha said.


  1. Hon Tony Okocha you are really a shame to humanity with such comments. Who ever told you the Minister made that statements when you and the Govt of Rivers state use media houses to falsify peoples opinions to picture them as evil. Why have you forgotten so easily how you became a known politician today? You seem relevant now because their is problem between the Governor CRA and Hon Minister Wike. Why don’t you have shame that you who raised false alarm to police would be reasonable enough not to keep misleading the public again. You want to embark on human empowerment to the youths of the state when you have not created jobs for youth instead you want to create avenue to loathe state funds don’t worry after now we all will know every thing behind the scene.

  2. Amaechi you are very wise,to engage 65000 youth,with that they will not engage in any violence,But why is that after the wikes statement u decided to create job opportunity ?
    So you guys knows what to do all these while
    .thank God for that threat .plez we need more

  3. employment of teachers). just carry on with ur good work.bear in mind dat not everybody will love u ofcourse it doesnt stop d fact dat u r working.I am not a polictician but wen i see d truth,i speak up witout fear or favour. Wike is barking but cant bite. So ignore him and carry on with ur work.

  4. Tony Okocha you’re liar,ameachi will not do it,you think we’ve forgotten the Sure Funds deceit you can fool your followers if you have but we Rivers youth are solidly behind Wike & President Jonathan,please you & your arrogant oga leave us & move to APC.

  5. Becos wiki threat, d rivers state
    Govt is planning to do something for d youth. Ameachi is not a leader that one ll believe. He is a traitor n over ambition. He is disrespecting Nigeria president n d region that made him to day. May u receive your reward.

  6. Rubish y na dat u wnt 2engage youths? xo ds money ws dere n he kept it. Plz wike threaten som more let him engage all d youth o, lols.

  7. Nyimkat or wateva u call urself keep quite where people with fine intelligence and knowledge wish to talk ok. Ameachi is a failure and its high time he n his follower accept it. For over 6yrs he has ruled n govern Rivers state. What are d achievement he has made. But he can open his dirty mouth to abuse d president and commander in chief of the armed forces of Fed. Republic of Nigeria. Goodluck has only spent 2yrs with many achievement to show (except in the eyes of opposition). Ameachi is an arrogant, proud, and rude idiot.


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