VIOLENCE: Why a Man Stabs to Death His Wife, 4 Children in Saudi Arabia


According to police reports, a man murdered his wife and four little children in a small town in the southern part of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The suspect, identified as a stateless person who had applied for Saudi citizenship, confessed the policemen he killed his whole family “to make sure they did not live through difficult conditions,” local press reported on August 28, 2013, Wednesday.

It has been learnt that the 33-year-old man stabbed his 26-year-old wife with a fruit knife and dragged her body into the kitchen. Then he killed his three sons (11, 5 and 4-years-old) and 2-year-old daughter.

Police said he placed the bodies next to one another, covered them with a blanket and left the house. He reportedly returned several times before going to the police station to report the deaths.

The stabbings took place in the town of Sharurah located in the south-western part of the Kingdom near Najran. Najran Governor Prince Mesha’ al Bin Abdullah has called for prompt and decisive measures to complete the investigation.

Source: Ynaija

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