What Your Pet Is Trying To Tell You

You may be surprised what message your pet sends by purring, rolling on its belly, or puting up its tail.


According to Cat Protection’s research, humans display a “worrying lack of knowledge” about the body language of cats, and particularly, their distress signals. Forty-nine percent of cat owners don’t know that licking the lips indicates that a cat is stressed, and 38 percent don’t understand that flattened ears are a sign that a cat is frightened and needs a place to hide.

“Cats are often considered to be independent and able to look after themselves, whereas dogs are usually perceived to ‘need’ their owners,” says Cat Protection behavior expert Nicky Trevorrow. “The reality is that while cats are pretty good at surviving without us, they do, of course, have needs. If these aren’t met, it can lead to stress and behavioral problems.”