Whoever Constitutes A Nuisance In Lagos Should Be Deported – Actor, Jide Kosoko Defends Lagos On Deportation

Veteran Nollywood actor, Jide Kosoko, on Thursday said there was nothing wrong with the alleged deportation of the destitute to their home state by the Lagos State Government.


Kosoko, a Lagos prince, stated that the government deported people who constituted a nuisance in the state to their hometowns because the metropolis was becoming over populated.

He said, “I disagree with the people criticising the deportation. There are reasons for everything. Since there have been negotiations between Lagos and the state concerned and the government believes their home state would take better care of them, I think the action was appropriate.”

Kosoko said even though Nigerians were free to live anywhere in the country, people should not abuse the privilege by becoming a nuisance.

“We don’t need to shy away from the fact that Lagos is over-populated because of its commercial advantage. Anybody doing a legitimate work here is entitled to stay but a situation where they are turning themselves to a nuisance in the state and they would go as far as inviting others to come is not acceptable,” the actor stated.

He said when the okada business began, it started with skilled riders until some people took advantage of the business idea and started creating problems.

He stated that there were actually states with worse laws than Lagos, where people got their arms cut off because of crimes and such people saw Lagos as a place for greener pastures.

He noted that with the Lagos State government’s policy, the roads are safer.

Kosoko said that the action should not be restricted to Lagos.

“Let’s not deceive ourselves, look at the highways, are they not better? I am not speaking for the government but for myself. To me, whoever constitutes a nuisance in any state, not just Lagos, let them be sent back home.

“It is very unfortunate that we are in a multi-ethnic country; that is the major problem we are having. We find it difficult to say the truth,” he said.

Source: Punch Nigeria



  2. So wht if a person 4rm d state constitute nuisance where ll dey send dem to..ur talkin as if its only outsiders particularly igbos dt r constitutin nuisance…biko jee tukwulu ala,afo nsi

  3. Nigeria is a failed state heading 4 disintegratn.My sincere questn 2 my Ibo friends is this: IF NIGERIA DISINTEGRATE 2DA, WHAT WILL U FALL BAK ON SINCE U LEFT UR OWN HOME & R TIRELESSLY DEVELOPING ANODA MAN’S LAND???

  4. COPIED. WHEN YOU KEEP QUIET, IT SEEM LIKE YOU DONT HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY. Famous people and princes are expect to insights things very well, and make a wise and working decision. I am not making an online or internet chanting, it happened to be that this is an instant means to reply to such unwise decision or comments of Mr Kosoko from the top to the entire and upcoming down line of people who support such devious act or agreements of deporting people as Mr Kosoko states above. Who and who really negotiates these unwise deportation agenda with who?. these are the things that cause more tribal havoc in that fragile country and many peaceful environments in Lagos which the Igbos dwells and invest as well as people of other clan, tribes, ethnicity, nationality and race. THIS IS NOT GOVERNING IN A DEMOCRATIC MEANINGFUL SOCIETY, some time people in power introduce anarchy and never know it is crossing that line due to individual leaders uncivilized decisions which is as well as the childhood marriage decision from the Northern Senators constituted by some same types of leadership in the Northern oligarchy in the name of religion, now the Lagos state government is introducing deportations in the name of development, taking off the people that made Lagos State of what it is today and the future. And I am suggesting the Lagos or any state government to ally with the Federal Government of the Republic of Nigeria and establish a working solution to rehabilitate the less privilege and those in deep poverty, impecuniousness and formal impoverishment, and empower them to be important and beneficial to the society of the state which they resides, as long as someone is alive, he or she is still important to the society and country, Not be deporting them with no criminal charges, court approval, and calling them destitute, and it don’t matter whether he or she is Hausa, Yoruba or Igbo or from other tribes and ethnicity; if not, I think both the Lagos state and federal government should learn from other countries on similar cases like this to know the best working solution and decision to take on the Citizens Of The Land. I CAN EVEN STAND HERE AND INSTRUCT FASHOLA OR MR KOSOKO WHAT IS BEST PROGAM TO IMPLEMENT TO REHABILITATE THE PEOPLE INSTEAD OF DEPORTING THEM. I can introduce to you ” Citizen Of The Land Amendment Program [COTLAP]. unquote”. We should invent programs like these to help and rehabilitate our citizens, be it Hausa, Igbo Yoruba, Efik, Ife, etc, the resources are there, and education and career path and trainings are part of such programs. This is what most western governments do to it’s citizens to make them important to the society. Furthermore, even if there is any agreement, both the two agreeing parties or governments made the most hideous mistake in governing by introducing deportations or repatriation of people in their indigenous country no matter any political misunderstanding on the inside that such moves the Lagos State government is making is exposing, and people should be aware of such signals, mainly those that knows that the arrow pointed on them, the Igbos I believe. However, what if someone who is born in Lagos state, as a citizen and indegene of that state constitutes is a nuisance , where are you [Lagos State Government or Fashola] going to deport or repatriate him or her? and what If someone from Ibadan or Ogun who constitutes in nuisance or other unlawful acts are you also going to deport him, THIS IS WHY YOUR COMMENT IS A RANCOR AND DECISION MAKES NO GAIN.

    • @OLAMIDE BABATUNDE My brother please your right is so long, J. Kosoko is very right. We must not abuse the privileges given to reside in any part of the country to simply become nuisance. In Abuja several times beggars are resettled in their various states, even though they keep coming back.

      Nigerians tend to attach negative view to every action that will lead to development, while at the same time they keep insulting the government for its inaction. What Governor Fashola did is not something weird & terrible, but people simply jump on the internet to vent their frustration & anger on him. Lagos is seen by the international community as a fast growing city and therefore it is only important that the government works in that direction. We can’t afford to have ideal minds that are likely to constitute threat to the public & possibly visitors. If you have nothing doing in Lagos, go back to your village & get busy with farming or selling palm wine or something else.

      Those holding Fashola guilty of his action should rather go & hold their own state governor guilty for not creating the favorable atmosphere needed for them to strive in their endevours, if they have any.


      • @Nasir, please answer this question, Will you also applaud the government of Fashola or whoever if they should deport you and evict your parents bcos you are unable to pay your school fees – seeing that the education sector of our national life is ailing and needs money to fix it? “Do unto others that which you would that others do unto you, for this is the law and prophets”.

        • @Appolus GMT, I am grateful to God for the least he has done in my life. I am not so lazy and I will always ensure that I cut my coat to my size. If I cannot continue to live in a city or any place for that matter I will simply pack my luggage & move back to my village rather than to become a threat to others or begin claiming unnecessary right.

          I am 1000% in support of Fashola’s action not for any selfish, bias or sentimental reason for that matter, but for the sake of security & development of Lagos & if anyone does not like my statement sue me to court or better still roast your head & eat it with palm wine.

  5. Kosoko, your comment is correct.Thank you very much.Everybad experiment is always tried with Ibos b/c of civil war if not so how can Koso dance in public.but bear in mind the civil war will soon end and IBOs will have equal right with other tribes that make nigeria.you think IBOs states shall never one day get seaport and functioning international airport,it is matter of time.My only problem or prayer is for you to be alive to witness the enmacepation of Ibo kingdom and we will give a role to act as an actor.My Ibo brother, the harm has been done, stop crying but be wise,this is the greatest insult.Fashola has completed his 8 yeas, he don’t need you any more,as a politician one day he may need you again. Let us carry our cross and hope one day GOD will answer our pray.


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