Why Suntai Did Not Address Media On Arrival – Associates

suntai eGovernor Danbaba Suntai of Taraba state on Sunday arrived in Abuja after 10 months of medical treatment abroad after being involved in a plane crash on Oct. 25, 2012.

Mr. Suntai did not talk to the media but some of his associates, who were at the airport, said he was “mentally alert” and fit to recognize people by names.

John Dara, a friend of the governor’s, said that the governor he saw was alert with his memory intact.

“We were excited to see him and it is understandable that after the long trip, he was weak and tired,” Mr. Dara said.

“But, we were thrilled by the fact that he recognized everyone by name which shows that he is mentally alert and lucid.”

He said the governor’s mental alertness indicated that he was capable of taking over the affairs of the state.

“That itself is a clear indication that he is capable of running the affairs of Taraba as the governor.

“We had no doubt in our minds that when he gets back to Jalingo today, it will be up to his doctor to say whether he will resume today or in a couple of days to come.

“But he is clearly okay and able to function,’’ Mr. Dara said.

He said that his (the governor) decision not to talk to newsmen might be because of the long journey.

“Talking to newsmen can be spontaneous and organised. So, we felt that when he has rested well, it will be easier for him to address Nigerians,’’ Dara said.

Another close associate of Suntai, Rima Shamulu, said the decision to take over the ruling of the state lied with him in line with the provisions of the constitution.

“There are provisions in the constitution for you to take over or not to.

“And if he gets back to Jalingo today, and he transmits a letter to the state assembly through the speaker that he has arrived, that is all; he can take over as the governor.

“So I don’t know why there are speculations around because there is constitutional provision when someone becomes too sick to function; it is not for us to speculate.

“And with the way I saw him, he is all right,’’ Mr. Shamulu said.



  1. I just hope politicians are not deceiving his states men, because they won’t mind putting a mad man in power as long as he is in PDP

    • Mr. Correct Man, live policy out of this, if you are a manager of first Bank and this faithful day you close from work and ur room is just a three story building, on ur way up u miss a step n find urself at d down flow, the bank authority fly u to US for treatment after one yrs will u apply 4 resignation? Correct man Nasir.

    • Yes, tell that to the birds Aboki. Instead of thanking Allah for sparing his life, you open your dirty Aboki mouth to say negative things. Insha Allah God is with him. Go and hang.

  2. Welcome back Baba Suntai. Our God is not a deaf God that wil not hear our prayers when we call on Him.The devil has been put to shame.wishing u God’s protection and wisdom in JESUS name.thank you JESUS because only you could have done this.

  3. Ur arrival x indeed warm & refreshing. Welcome home sir. Doctors shl examine and report publicly, so as not to allow madman into public office.


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