Wife Prevents Husband’s Suicide Attempt By Grabbing His Leg



The wife of a suicidal man managed to prevent him from plummeting to his death by holding on to his leg for 20 minutes after he jumped out of the window of their sixth-floor apartment.

According to the Chinese news portal Sohu, the 45-year-old man had recently moved with his wife and child to the northeasten city of Changchun, where he began experiencing painful work-related stress headaches and “delusions.”

The symptoms allegedly motivated his decision to jump, but he was rescued at the last moment by his wife’s sharp instincts.

It took police some 20 minutes to arrive at the scene, during which time the woman was forced to hold on to her husband’s leg and shorts to keep him from falling.

He was eventually pulled in, just as his wife’s body was starting to give out.

The news has been the talk of Chinese social networking site Sina Weibo, where one poster noted the importance of “find[ing] a wife with good arm strength.”

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