Wizkid Fires Shots Back At J Martins

This story just seems to get better everytime.


Just yesterday, singer J Martins got involved in the Wizkid controversy when he publicly spoke about the issue of Hot FM radio station Abuja.

Star Boy Records CEO Wizkid has replied J Martins and he did so too publicly on Twitter.

Wizkid was straight forward and clearly stated that he was disappointed in the comment made by J Martins.

Wizkid seem to be also perplexed about the little knowledge J Martins has in the music industry despite his long term presence.

Read his Tweet: –



  1. Whoever sent that tweet in the first place is a big fool,why on earth should u insult sum1.let d truth b told,if sum1 tells such statement I ll slap such person.nobody is above mistake,so if u ve 2 correct sum1 u correct wit sense.I repeat d so kald fan dat insulted wizkid is a bloody idiot&needs 2 b slapped