Woman Locked Inside Church Rescued After Appeal For Help On Twitter


A woman spent two hours locked inside a church before she was rescued after calling for help on Twitter.

Jam-maker Sarah Greep, aged 43, was praying inside a private chapel yesterday when volunteers locked the church, believing it was empty.

Sarah tried phoning clergy at the Minster Church of St Andrew in Plymouth city centre but her calls went unanswered – and she was too embarrassed to ring 999 or her family.

So the married mum-of-two posted a series of tweets appealing for help to “Free the St Andrew’s one”.

She wrote: “I’m locked in inside St. Andrews Church! I was in private praying chapel & when I came out, everyone was gone & doors locked. #Plymouth #help”.

She later tweeted: “Trying to think of best way to get out of this church with minimum disruption. It’s quite calm & peaceful in here so in no hurry #Plymouth”.

While Sarah was locked in the church she also made a video commentary on her predicament as she walked round the building.

She said on the film: “I don’t want to annoy my family. I don’t want to bug anyone. I didn’t know churches get locked.

“I’ve been coming here since I was 17 and I’ve never been locked in before. I don’t want to get into trouble.”



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