Woman Stabs Her Boyfriend’s Mistress, Boyfriend Hides Under Bed



Jealousy can cut deep.

Tammi Jo Pirkle of Winder, Ga. allegedly stabbed a woman who she discovered on top of her boyfriend on Sunday, Barrow Patch reported.

Deputies say they responded to a report of an injury on Sunday to find a 44-year-old woman — whose name has not been released — being treated by medics for a cut on her back. Pirkle allegedly told cops that she had fallen on glass. But when she discussed her injury with a medic, she called it as a stab wound.

The deputy started asking questions, and noted that every time the woman answered one, she would “change her demeanor and play like she was too intoxicated to answer the question,” according to a sheriff’s report obtained by Patch.

Finally, the woman told them her wound was caused by 45-year-old Tammi Joe Pirkle. She stated that was in Pirkle’s bedroom when Pirkle “came in and found me on top of her boyfriend straddling him.”

At the sight of his girlfriend, the boyfriend “jumped on the floor and hid under the bed,” the woman said.

“Next thing I know is,” she told cops, “I felt something and thought she hit me but found out she stabbed me.”

The boyfriend told cops that he remembers Pirkle angrily bursting into the bedroom, but he didn’t witness the stabbing because as soon as he saw his girlfriend he “immediately … jumped on the floor and hid under the bed.”

Doctors found the victim’s stab wound — which just missed her kidney — was three inches deep. She is expected to fully recover.

Pirkle was charged with aggravated assault.

All you cheaters out there really need to start locking the door.

And in January, a Florida woman discovered her husband in bed with another woman and allegedly responded by pooping on the floor and going on an armed rampage through the house.

On second thought, maybe just lock the door all the time. Also in January, another woman in Florida allegedly set her ex-boyfriend’s bed on fire when she found him in it with his new lover.