You Are A ‘Yoruba Bastard’ For Claiming You Dated Bianca Ojukwu – Actress, Regina Askia To Femi Fani Kayode

Former Minister of Aviation and one-time PDP hit man, Chief Femi Fani Kayode who took to twitter to prove he is not a tribalist by saying he once dated an Igbo Lady, Bianca Ojukwu and several Igbo women, has come under heavy criticism.


Former Nollywood actress Regina Askia has lend her voice to blame ex-Nigerian minister Femi Fani Kayode over an explanatory article he wrote about the Igbos yesterday.

In this lengthy letter, the former beauty queen called Femi Fani Kayode a drug addict and a Yoruba bastard for claiming he once dated Bianca Ojukwu and several Igbo women.

She also blamed Igbo ladies and Bianca Ojukwu for having sex with him.

Read her letter below;

I’ve Just Been Told That Having Sex With An Igbo Woman Is A Great Accomplishment!!! After reading another hard-drug-influenced-essay by the Yoruba idiot parading himself as Femi Fani-Kayode,Ex-Minister of the Nigerian Federation, I felt there was no need to blame him for giving us another reason why his family members should as a matter of urgency, BUNDLE HIM BACK TO A REHAB! No! I don’t blame Femi Fani-Kayode for having a fun-filled day telling us how he ‘breezed’ through Bianca Onoh before our very revered Eze-Igbo married her.

I blame Bianca Onoh , Chioma Anasoh & Adaobi Uchegbu for being naive or to have rather stooped so low to have intimate relationship with a Yoruba rascal/urchin/idiot whom i’m very sure was on heavy use of cocaine (and still is) at the time!

Were Bianca, Chioma & Adaobi blind to Femi’s madness/drug-addiction or maybe he flashed his Ministerial/Ex-Ministerial portfolio to entice them? This is the first time a former public figure (I blame Former President Obasanjo for giving him that privilege) has preferred to reel out the names of women he had sex with, in a bid to show-off how he has been able to conquer tribalism in Nigeria or maybe trying to tell others he has been able to have sex with one of the prettiest ex beauty queens another tribe may boast of, like Bianca Ojukwu (Nee Onoh) of the Igbo tribe.

Some persons have adviced that Femi Fani-Kayode should be ignored due to his MENTAL INSTABILITY but i say NO to it! I will not ignore him because when a mad-man chases one into his house & still want to exhibit that madness there, the owner of the house will definitely react except he doesn’t value his house!

This has taken a tribal angle & its such a shame that many Yorubas have been applauding Fani-Kayode’s spiteful comments against the Igbo. I may not want to generalize the behavioural disorders of even the average Yoruba, but i want to use this ample opportunity to remind our single Igbo sisters that if “He” is not Igbo, He can’t be like an Igbo-man who won’t be so ridiculous to think that giving us some of the names of our ladies he had sex with makes him a superman, as Femi Kayode must be ‘thinking’ in his fool’s paradise.

Right now in Nigeria, the likes of a Yoruba bastard like Femi Fani-Kayode have proved that Igbo women should think “wisely” in making choices as regards whom they allow ‘ACCESS’ to their much fancied bodies. An Igboman would NEVER do what Femi Fani-Kayode did with the names of Bianca Ojukwu (Nee Onoh), PDP’s Adaobi Uchegbu & the relatively unknown Chioma Anasoh or even women from other tribes. He typically exhibited behavioural disorder of the Yorubas, which is to them, a normal way of life. What a shame!

Bianca Ojukwu & the other two ladies should as a matter of urgency, reply Femi Fani-Kayode’s show of lunacy, stupidity, foolishness, infantile reasoning & utter disrespect for them!

Femi Fani-Kayode consciously & gladly made a spiteful remark of Igbo women & our women should take the fight to him in a very deserving impudent manner! I am waiting for the responses by Bianca, Adaobi & Chioma.

By the way, I never knew men from other tribes take having sex with an Igbo lady as a great feat… Bianca & others should hold their heads high up.



  1. Please let somebody shut this idiot called Regina up.wht the fuck is she ranting about? Fine,FFK goofed,he behaved like a fool,but Regina here is proving a bigger fool.Or is she just incapable of normal critique without sounding like an infantile Nazi propagandist with her childish tribal vituperations? Abeg,u and Fani na same same joor! Go get a life.

    • But your people were praising him, instead of condemning him and now you blame Regina for castigating the Yoruba people. Oboy chop shit.

      • Where the heck is ur brain Tamuno? In ur ass? Mind u,contrary to ur jaundiced assumption,I am not yoruba,just a detribalised Nigerian,if u can imagine that tha is.

      • Like seriously?in this era,this generation,this century,at this point of civilization,some peeps are still behaving in such manner against one tribe or the other?if a whiteman speaks this way of a blackman,people will say racism,bt when in the same country one ethnic group talks ill of the other,what will u dumb black men say???u all calling names and calling tribes should be ashamed,this is the reason the whites feel blacks are inferior hence,colonization,u never learn from mistakes,mtcheww

    • @Puritan,why are u venting ur anger @ Regina? Femi’s behaviour can get any right thinking individual angry! @Wale,what are u saying? U are displaying that tribalism the Yoruba(not all anyway) are well known for? Are u now displaying any intellectual feat? No two ways about it! Femi messed up! One should expect highly educated n enlightened persons to behave with decorum. I don’t know…some people are really not normal! That is why Fela said “Animal dey wear agbada,anima dey wear suit.” Animals!

  2. Regina Askias only known reputation is her careless and immoral lifestyle but when u think you have seen the worst of her,her myopia and crooked reasoning comes to the fore.She has just displayed her intellectual bankruptcy which i must say s at par with her morals

  3. A case of a sympathiser crying more than the bereaved all in a bid to gain attention. Or is She holding brief for Bianca, Adaobi and Chioma?

      • I feel she is heartbroken to have found out she was not the only babe he had a fling with. How did she know he takes drugs? Its sad he made that revelation but we are giving him too much attention.

      • and who made u the judge of what is factual or what isn’t???wich tribe or ethnic group did u create to judge the other,its peeps like u and the others who are led dogmatically when there are issues that u aid to tear the country apart,it wouldnt cost u or anyother person for that matter anything,whenever u make comments to try not to judge,insult or be biased…oh what joblessness can do!!!one question,what gain have u or anyother person thats throwing insults or accussing one group or the other made,eh?pls change ur method of reasoning,the world doesnt revolve around u,me or any particular group or the other so save ur energy on benefiting and better things

  4. I’m neither yor or igbo! Regina is jusþ so childish 2 av made such remarks wheda ffk f**cked up or she annoyed ffk didn’t mention her among all d igbo women he dated?I hate insult(wheda directed at me or any other person)on social network. Regina askia raise ur moral standard now dat u re a mother

    • Omo you be Yoruba forget. Don’t deny your people and hide your identity, show your self. Femi kayode deserves the attacks he is getting, and the Yorubas too for supporting his articles instead of cautioning him. I’m neutral on this issue and for this one, I will support the igbos, the Yorubas started the brouhaha.

  5. Bravo Mrs askia you’re 100%right.your comment shows that you are ready to protect and defend your race, especially now that we’re being victimised for no just cause. As for ffk he’s an inglorious bastard he can go to hell for all I care and fuck peace!

  6. Someone pls correct my dictionary;it says intimate-close and friendly relationship. If its right,how come regina took it as having sex with these ladies? He says he used to have intimate relationship with them. Does it necessarily means he had sex with them? Someone pls help!

    • Tun xi, Intimate relationship means a relationship that involves some sort of sexual activity. You can have a girlfriend or boyfriend that you relate with on platonic level, but if you smooch, indulge in heavy petting or sex acts etc, now that’s being intimate. Hope this helps?

    • Regina is a big fool. i thought she is intelligent but i dont know she got notthing up there. I her dictionary, having intimate relationship with someone mean having sex. Regina olodo

    • I’m sorry for this generation a man said he had intimate relationship with certain ladies and already corrupted minds are screaming casual sex…its pity

  7. Any one who thinks what Regina wrote is wrong needs to examine his or herself. The question is – what has the deportation of Igbo got to do with what Fani kayode said about the Igbo women he dated, or is it lack of a better point of argument on the subject that warranted his misfiring? Those of you who thinks Regina is wrong should explain.

    • You didn’t even read the initial article you heard gist from rumor mongers that FEMI slept with Ibo women and you jumped into conclusion…go and read more about the issue

  8. Where’s the hope for Nigeria? Which younger generation is better than older generation when you all have dutifully learnt and imbibed the failings of your parents without question.

    Do you think you came to this world with “ethnic group” stamped on your head? Why does one person’s actions have to be used to generalise a whole people. Everyone is guilty of this and you better retrace your steps or you could end up like Rwanda

    Now, go and read something everybody and leave that entertainment you’re watching!


  9. This lazy sorry ass bloggers hav done it again. Regina never said or wrote that, how do I know? Cos she said so her self. She even wrote ffk and he replied her. Check out her FB page for details. Duh… Ya’ll have been pranked.

  10. That is it. I have said it repeatedly that these people are ignorantly arrogant. Rather than addressing the issue at hand everyone from that side are calling for his head and calling him all sort of names. The truth of the matter is that since you people are insinuating you are the one that developed/developing Lagos,fine,go back to your states and develop them. Before this time you have been calling yoruba all sort of names but now you have somebody to cross sword with you,and then you are shivering. Go back home or your countryfor Lagos cannot be yours. AT LEAST THERE WAS A COUNTRY.

    • @kehinde you dont know how to talk at all,how can big boy like you still thinking like a village person..honestly you are not worthy to be among the living so go back to school cause you are not educated because if you are you will not come here and talk about tribe.

      • @benji. I think you should say that to Orji Kalu who claim they own lagos and Regina who think having intimate relationship with someone mean sex. Idiot

  11. Ibo girls r d cheapest girls to av sex with, dey r dirty in all manners of examining women. Hey! Miss regina stop ranting, he was only telling u no matter how much u people tink u r special nd sweet u r actually nt. Disgusting ibo woman ranting like she has any reputation to protect. Nonsense.
    If u wanna drag his comment down tribal lines u should no u av no point. Just shut up, we av been doing our best to accommodate u ibos, nd pls dnt cross d line was all he was saying nd even trying to prove his point. And oops! U proved urself foolish wit ur foolish comment. Nonsense woman because she is an actress does dat make her smart nops. Go to HELL

    • @tee go back to school,what is so special abt lagos,come to europe here and see what there governors are doing not by breaking road that they can not complete nd u come here nd preach abt lagos,is lagos better than calabar,enugu or abuja…some youruba ppl can mumu sha…na ppl like tee go cause confusion nd wen dem see war dem go run.

      • @benji. tell your people to leave lagos for us and go back to east and see if you people can survive. whelther u like it or not, destitute must leave lagos. olodo

      • Hey keep your mouth shut, you want to compare Enugu with Lagos? What are the special things Enugu compare to the ones in Lagos.

  12. FFk behaved like a yoruba man dat he is. Its in their nature to talk even wen its uncalled for . The three women he mentioned shld ignore hm cuz silence they say is d best answer to a fool.

  13. I wuld’nt blame Regina for word against d yor but FFK who tink avn sex wit oder tribes is an achievements, i c him as one of does stupid politicians who don’t no wat to do wit d money they ve stoln

  14. Hmm,Nigeria we hail thee…like seriously?is this how the level of “joblesness” in Naija has turned some people into something else?
    Igbo,Yoruba,Hausa,Itshekiri,Fulani….what has it got to do with success?progress?or development?or simply put have u ever been to a bank to say,eh,credit my account with 1million cos I belong to a particular ethnic group or tribe,mtcheww,I *smh*…when people are making good money,others are breaking world records,others making feats in the world as a whole,some jobless peeps are ranting and panting over one tribe or the other, mtcheww.


  16. Femi Fani Kayode or whatever they call u, Regina has said it all. You need to be sent back to where u belong, and for a Regina’s haters, hit your heads on the wall. As the Aviation minister then, Femi Kayode was busy stealing public fund and using his girl friends to send the money overseas. Your case shall be visited someday soon. hiding in APC (which I am sure u will do soon) will not save u. Ewu yoruba.

  17. Puritan.Why dont you direct your aggrandisement to the subject.What has Regina done that is bad.Replying unbehave of her collegue that was ust humiliated by this bastard.Its my first time see where a man of that status mentioning the names of the girls he slespt with.Wait a minute.I know this man.He is a core antagonist of the Igbos.He wants to get at thier skin by this insinutions.

  18. This man is really surfering 4rm mental delusion.imaging a dirty yoruba man,some1 who mismanaged aviation fund is bold enough 2 tell us how iresponsible n lousy he is, claiming he had intimacy with igbo ladies.well am not surprise cos by nature they r lousy in talking(just tune them like radio then u go hear rubbish talk)behaving like educated illitrates sabotuers,betrayers of trust)ffk ur behaviour shows ur education is zero.lunatic fellow,(in anoda article may be u go tell us aw u slept wt ur great grand mother idiot of no comperison). Ride on ex-convict.

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  20. I insist that u pple should check ur use of english. Having intimate relationship with someone does not necessarily means having sex with that person. I can also have an intimate relationship with a guy. That does not make me a gay.

  21. Femi-Fani Kayode…… not only bastard but insane and myopically insensitive……..He can never meet His Yoruba girls to ve sex to avoid getting infections because Yoruba girls are the dirtiest and ugliest in the whole universe…..Yoruba both married men,women,girls and boys are well-known for their immoral and promiscuios lives…….He must ve learnt his lessons,myopic idiot@Femi Fani…Kayode

  22. Here we go again,TRIBALISM,hw on earth r we goin 2move ahead wen w’ve nt yet passed diz level.mek I hear una open dat dirty mouth talk say una wan b lyk america again.last time I checked obama,an african, was n is still d american president.does dat mean anythin 2 u fools?.FUCKING NUMBSKULLS.

  23. These are insane beasts with label against other tribals disturbbing and distortting the public media atmosphere as we can’t achieve a common goal of a great nation in this barbaric process.

  24. abeg make una no vex I be calabar boy I de read una comments na him I see person compare Igbo and your Yoruba gals abeg make we talk true me I dey say my mind even God sabi dis one I have never seen dirty women in my life like Yoruba gals even hausa gals here in Abuja are better me I don sleep with all the tribes if u want challenge me like almighty too sabi FFK I have no match

  25. From my perception of issues, 99.9% of comments here are from Nigerian Youths!
    If I am to evaluate all the 99.9%, then 99% of the comments here indicate that intolerance and “holier than thou attitude” has been passed on into our blood from the friction created through the merger of Nigeria as a nation.
    I think we should just live like brothers and sisters, forgive one another and stop throwing stones at each other. “Two wrongs can never make a right!”

    Let every youth stand out from all those feud of the old ones (we are made to create oneness, unity and harmony in this nation), moreso that we know we’re going places. We want to write the name of this nation, Nigeria on a platter of gold. If we fail at this time, then Nigeria might spend another wasted youthful years (50years or less) without any meaningful impact!

    For the offender, God has forgiven you and on behalf of the youth, you are forgiven.
    To the offended, forgive those who offended you from your heart.

    God bless Nigeria.
    God bless the Youth
    God bless you.
    And God bless me.

  26. It’s a pity for all black-cats that useless what ordinarily meant for their legal hubbies cheaply for money. NO SECRET IN SEX. Researches revealed that Igbo ladies (even girls) are much more into sexjob (prostitution) home and abroad. They establish baby factor (ies).

    • dabayo is still backward nd he refuse to learn,are u aware that obasanjo and atiku slept with his wife and daughter nd he never said anything because he wnt to remain in power…until he sleep with your mother before you know what he did was wrong ,mumu go back to school nd stop talking abt tribe

  27. Last time I checked regina, ure not igbo, ure fron the south south, akwa ibom or so, secondly U̶̲̥̅̊ letter showa ure just as tribalistic as fani kayode, if not more, U̶̲̥̅̊ deviated 4rm the issue which is femi kayode in a bid to explain his untribalistic stance as opposed to public opinion based on his articles about the igbos, mentioned names of prominent igbo ladies he has had ‘intimate’ relationships with, instead of U̶̲̥̅̊ regina, to criticise his childish n careless use of words, U̶̲̥̅̊ have descended so low, even lower than he did by attacking his tribe n making the issue a tribal one instead of seeint it as one man’s mistake U̶̲̥̅̊ involved an entire tribe this goes a long way 2 qustion ur own level of intelligence n tribal sentiments as well. U̶̲̥̅̊ even went as far as blaming the women mentioned, by calling them loose???

  28. Whoever knows regina very well should advise her to keep zip her mouth. She does not belong to the category of peolple who can critisize yorubas. Pls warn her before i start to my own ooooo. In her dictionary, intimate relationship mean sex, lol. Well i dont blame her sha, maybe she open her leg for all her male friends. Olodo

  29. Why is this woman ranting? He said he had intimate relationship with them… that a crime. At least he didn’t say I had sex with them, he didn’t say I f*cked them. An intimate relationship is a loving, caring, romantic relationship. Why is she bleeding when she wasn’t stabbed OR is there an history between her and FFK?
    …..For her sake , I hope FFK doesn’t reply. LoL!!!

    • I am amused by her crying more than the berieved. She must be a cheap slut opening her legs for whoever is intimate with her or how do one explain how a supposedly decent lady cannot differentiate between intimacy and having sex.

      All I know is that ethnicity will not lead Nigerians anywhere, we fight along tribal lines, but when we are home, we fight along dialect lines, and even within families, we fight along matriarchal lines.

      Must we insult each other to make our points. All these we’re started by prof Chinua Achebe releasing a book to fan the embers of discord about four decades after the war stopped. Ibos were rejoicing and then events continued to be misinterpreted until orji Uzor Kali claimed ownership of Lagos by ibos. Fanikayode responded and ibos were crying to high heavens with insults. Can we ever learn in this country?

  30. Dont you know Regina is looking for fame again nobody remember her again and this what she need to do to be recognize again but you are a failure nobody care and to you fool who think she is right i pity you because the man never said he sleep or having sex with any Igbo lady,you are all just misunderstanding the man speech…………………………………….

  31. Who displayed high level of tribalism most between ffk and Regina? Regina you are a shame to all Ibo people for open your poking your mouth into this fragile issue that can lead to or escalate or instigate hatred between two known Nigeria national tribes. Learn how to be a peacemaker rather than troublemaker. No matter what learn how to respect older people, you people are known for lack of respect for elders because it’s part of your lives and ways of life.

      • Respect is earned, honesty is appreciated, trust is gained and loyalty is returned. As for your asking younger ones to honour the elderly – you don’t cast your pearl before a swine.

  32. I am heartbroken to read the comments of some peeps. It’s obvious we have all forgotten what’s right or wrong and are busy defending our tribal origins. In what century was it okay for a man to publicly broadcast the women he has had intimate relationships with. In this case an ex-minister of this great country….what a shame. I wonder what the reaction would be if he had mentioned a few yoruba ladies *wonder how many he has slept with* FFK’s behaviour shows he lacks honor and also highlights his utter disrespect for women in general. Hisi infantile essay should be seen as an attack on womanhood rather than a tribal declaration of war.

  33. Hey! U who disguise ursef 2 be an igbo by claiming ur name 2 be UCHE wen I believe u 2 be a pure ‘yoruba madman’ should go and f*ck ursef somewhere. I dnt kno y dez yoruba idiots(wey no even get liver) go dε̲̣̣̣̥γ̲̣̣̥ parade themselves 2 be smthn dε̲̣̣̣̥γ̲̣̣̥ re nt if nt 4 tђe fact †̥ђã†̥ u’re evn ashamed of ur race….Abeg, abeg mk una no jst allow mε̲̣̣̣̥ talk here o coz I’m jst trying 2 respect every1 here. Bsydz, if u hv anythn 2 complain abt, it shud be directed 2 tђe very man(ffk) who is actually disgracing himsef and his race 4 being so insolent nt Regina.
    Abeg, be warned!!!!!


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