10 Sizzling Tips To Spice Up Your Wedding Night


Ladies, your wedding night is supposed to be unforgettable, magical, and so much more! But, instead of settling down for the conventional decorated bed, long talks, and a glass of milk, think about enhancing the fun with some naughty ideas. Don’t let your would-be hubby take away all the credit of planning this romantic night, steal the chance to take the reins in your hands. Make your wedding night the best night of your life, which you and your man can cherish forever. So, here are some exciting tips to add spice to your wedding night, making your man crave for you even more!

1. Moves to turn him on
Do you know you can turn him on just with your words? Do not think about jumping in the bed as soon as you two are alone. Rather indulge in sensuous conversations. This will also make you feel more confident. However, engage him in some activity as well. Touch him here and there, fiddle with his hair or look deep into his eyes to turn him on instantly. These small delays will definitely heighten the fun!

2. Sexy wedding night lingerie
On your wedding night, break free of all inhibitions and sizzle up the night by making the first move. Men are visual creatures, so excite his eyes with a sexy wedding night lingerie. Your bold and sexy avatar will surely make the adrenaline rush through his veins and you can expect a truly romantic night ahead.

3. A sensuous lap dance
During your courtship period, he must have showered you with his love, compliments, surprises and much more. On your wedding night, it is time to treat him well for his love and affection. Give him a mind-blowing, sensuous lap dance in your special lingerie. Strip away your shyness to make this night special. But, don’t allow him to touch you while you seduce him as this will turn him on even more!

4. Blindfolds and handcuffs
You crave more for what you cannot get, right? So, blindfold your man and tie his arms together. Now start taking off his clothes one by one. As you do so, run your fingers or a feather over his body. Pour some chocolate syrup on him or run an ice cube on his chest to intensify the night.

5. Taste testing
Yet another popular bedroom game that can be a huge hit on your wedding night! Blindfold your man and then place different edibles and creams on different parts of your body. Now ask him to taste and identify them one by one. Reward him for every correct answer with a passionate kiss.

6. Say what you want!
Most men prefer their women to talk dirty; it shows them how confident their woman is in the bed. So, before you land up in the room alone, text him all the dirty things that you want to do to him. This will turn him on even before he enters room. Whisper slangs and filthy things in his ears when you are finally on the bed to see how it turns up the heat of the night.

7. Get into an ‘act’
Since it is your first ‘official’ night together as husband and wife, it does not mean that you have to hurry into the action. Keep it slow and steady with a naughty ‘act’ to excite and entice him. Give more time to this prelude to have the best experience of your lifetime.

8. Try new positions
Think about trying some new positions to spice things up further. Take help from some books or use internet to your advantage. Ditch the traditional moves and positions for something new. Know about your man’s fantasies and desires, and find ways to fulfill his wishes as a wedding night gift for him

9. Bathe in fun
If you are thinking about trying new positions then how about trying some unconventional places as well? Take your love out of the bed and into the bathtub. Arrange for a nice bath, complete with bubbles, scents, romantic music and some candles. Submerge yourself and your partner in the relaxing bathtub filled with your love!

10. Not your first time together?
If you and your partner have been intimate before marriage, it does not mean that the charm of the wedding night will be lost. Firstly, do not get intimate at least for a month before your wedding. Next, you can make plans to recreate your most special intimate moment on your wedding night.
So, use these tips to make this the most unforgettable and romantic night of your new life together!