2015: Why Jonathan Will Fail Woefully By Dino Melaye

Dino Melaye
Dino Melaye

President Goodluck Jonathan has been advised not to attempt to contest in the 2015 presidential election because he will fail woefully, according to a former member of the House of Representatives, Otumba Dino Melaye

Melaye, a one-time federal legislator, who made this known while speaking with reporters in Abuja on Wednesday, stated that Mr. Jonathan lacked the political clout needed to win an election.

The lawmaker turned anti-corruption crusader said the best option left for the president is to announce that he would not contest in the coming election and even at that, Nigerians will not be dissuaded from demanding the probe of his administration.

Melaye maintained that President Jonathan has superintended over the most corrupt government in Nigerian history.

When asked why he was so certain that Jonathan would lose the elections if he decides to seek a second term in office, Melaye cited the political calculations that led to the defeat of Mr. Jonathan and the Peoples’ Democratic Party, PDP’s candidate for the position of Speaker of the House of Representatives, chairman of the Nigeria Governors’ Forum as well as the recent split in the ruling party which has seen no fewer than seven governors rising up against the president and his party.

In his words, “If the president is sensitive enough, he ought to have known that he is surrounded by people who lack dexterity and strategy, he should know that he does not have the political wherewithal to even attempt to contest the 2015 election. When he fielded the candidate for the speaker of the House of Representatives, he was defeated woefully and this is the first time in the history of the country that a president could not have a say on who becomes the speaker.”


  1. Its only an observation by him sha. But we expect Nigerians to be more positive with to solve the national problems with reasonable and an orderly manner with every leaders than being more rebellious to authorities. America is were it is today with hard work and Sacrifices done by their heroes past.

  2. mr man if u dnt hv any meaningful thing to tell Nigerian pls kindly go an sleep becus pple like u are d problem in dis country common sens does nt tell u dat Nigerian are wis up nw dan before u think so call u pple APC will win come 2015 why can u allow Nigerian to choose who dey wnt any were time will tell den i will remind each an everyone of u one by one God bless Nigeria.


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