5 Health Benefits Of Sports Bra You Should Know!!!

Do you wince with pain every time you go for a run? Have your breasts been feeling a little saggy lately? Or does your neck hurt when you hit the treadmill? Well the solution to all these problems may lie in opting for a good sports bra! As surprising as it may sound, most women don’t realise the importance of good support while exercising. No wonder they complain of frequent aches and pains. Still having doubts about our claim? Then read on to find out the 4 mysterious powers of a sports bra!

1. Prevents sagging
Whether you are going for a high-on-energy aerobics session or just for a walk in the park, your breasts need good support. Breasts are a very fragile organ. Its natural support comes from Cooper’s ligament which is a connective tissue that helps maintain the shape and structure of your breasts. While exercising, the breasts tend to move a lot and Cooper’s ligament starts stretching, which can lead to sagging of breasts

2. What experts say: A study conducted by the University of Portsmouth proved that breasts can bounce as much as 21 cms while exercising.

What does a sports bra do: A sports bra restricts your breast movement and provides it with adequate support.

Be on the lookout for: While buying a sports bra, always ensure that your breasts are not spilling out of the cups as it can cause great discomfort.

3. Prevents neck and back strain
If you are a little heavy around your bust area, then there are high chances of you suffering from back and neck pain while exercising. Your back muscles have to work really hard to ensure that your breasts and your shoulders remain in place while exercising. But muscles are prone to wear and tear and eventually they do become weak, causing pain in your neck and back.

4. What experts say: A study by the University of Portsmouth found that around 50 per cent of women face breast pain while exercising.

What does a sports bra do: A sports bra distributes the weight evenly to your back and shoulders and helps your muscles keep them in place.

Be on the lookout for: An extremely tight sports bra can make things worse for you

5. Provides support
If you are into competitive sports or are planning to run a marathon for fun, then a sports bra is a must have for you. While running or maybe lifting something, your breasts tend to swing. They require some support to keep them in place.

What do the experts say: A study by the University of Portsmouth has revealed that swinging breasts increase the strain on your body and can cause decreased performance levels, sometimes even leading to injuries.

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