7 Great Ways To Build Trust In A Relationship!!!

Trust is the glue that binds lovers together; especially when they are faced with adversities. Mistrust often forces people to part ways in a situation of relationship crisis. On the other hand, if a relationship has strong foundations then no crisis would ever be able to separate those in love. Therefore, sense of security is the key to a happy and healthy relationship and it only comes to fruition by trusting each other completely. Here is how you can place the building blocks correctly and stay happy in a relationship, without any mistrust.

1. No space for lies
Just a small lie is good enough to ruin a potentially beautiful relationship. If you tell your partner that you are going to come home late as you have a meeting, office work, etc., but instead you go to a club with your friends to drink, can lead to disastrous repercussions once your partner finds out the truth. Maybe your partner would not care much for the lie, but it would certainly shake the trust in your relationship. Psychologist Joel Block says, “Even small lies are like psychological termites.”

2. Be true about your feelings
Most relationships often fail to stand the test of time because couples hide their true feelings and emotions from each other. If you are feeling jealous about the colleague that he or she is getting friendly with then talk about it. And, if you are sad about some plan your partner forgot about, then discuss it openly. “If your partner asks if you’re OK with something and you’re not, say so. If you hide it, you may become resentful, causing bigger problems later on.”

3. Reliability
If you have told your spouse that you are going to do something at a particular time on a particular day, make sure you do it. Reliability is a major step in the building of a trustworthy relationship. Your partner should be able to see that you will stay true to the promises you make, be it big or small. Remember, reliability and trust go hand in hand.

4. Set boundaries
You should set boundaries with your loved ones, especially with those outside your relationship. If boundaries or limits are not set, then jealousy or distrust can play a big hand in tearing couples apart. So, make sure you make your partner feel that he or she takes precedence over everyone else in your life.

5. Show your true colours
Guys, if you are bad at maths, no need to hide it from your lady. And girls, if you hate sports then no need to pretend otherwise to impress him. Get your partner to accept the real you, with all your doubts and insecurities. Do make efforts to change those habits that your partner might not like. But, always be true about yourself when you enter a relationship. If you’re open and self-revealing, your partner is more likely to be more open with you.

6. Tackle your relationship problems
Every relationship has its own set of problems. Just sweeping yours under a rug will not hide them. Instead of brushing things aside, learn to deal with them and work towards resolving the issues. As a couple, you should strive to create an atmosphere where either one of you is able to bring up whatever issue is troubling you. Be open to hearing and working on the problem, whatever it is. This would allow your relationship to prosper further.

7. Trust your partner
To build trust in your relationship you have to learn to trust your partner 100 per cent. Do not crucify and accuse your beloved for cheating or betraying you unless you have evidence to support your claims. Without proper proof, you will just create a dark cloud of mistrust that maybe hard to get rid of. Trust goes both ways. If you want your partner to trust you then you have to trust them as well.

These are just a few of the ways which will help you build trust in your relationship. Follow these, and you will be truly on your way to make your beautiful relationship even stronger.


  1. Its really a true story on the part of Resolutions but how do you get an audience from her when she seem not to be listen to u 4 a reason to shield her guilts? I need ur thoughts and opinions please.


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