7 Signs She Doesn’t Love You Anymore

In most cases when woman is no longer interested in a relationship she doesn’t want to be the one to end it. And sometimes, women tend to emotionally sign out of the relationship even before they come out and say it is over.


The signs below could mean she is losing connection with you (in which case you should try to reestablish intimacy immediately), or it could also mean she is completely over it and fallen out of love. Whatever the case, it pays to be prepared.

Here are 7 signs your woman is losing interest.

1. Dialing Out: She has not picked up your phone call in a few days, when you normally talk tow to three times a day before. She keeps coming up with different excuses as to why she is ignoring you, but her stories are not satisfactory.

2. She gets secretive: Women are known for wanting to share their stories and experiences with loved ones, especially the man in their life. Have you noticed she has not told you anything personal lately? This could be a sign that she no longer relies or connects with you.

3. Suspicious activities: When she picks up calls from other men while with you, or flirt with others without giving any consideration for how you feel, this could mean she does not respect you or your feelings, and that usually happen when she no longer had feelings for you.

4. Lack Of Physical Contact: She avoids physical contact with you. You cannot even hold her hand without her cringing in disgust. This is a definite sign that something is wrong.

5. No more fighting: This is perhaps the most subtle and the most overlooked. If your relationship has been rocky for some time now (you guys are having lots of fights) and lately she just suddenly stops arguing with you or has nothing to say when a fight comes up, don’t make the mistake of taking this to mean all your problems are solved. Often, women express their feelings with words, so when she stops talking, you should start worrying.

6. She avoids family/friends gatherings: Often times, women feel guilty when they are about to end a relationship and hanging out with your buddies when she knows she is about to break up with you soon will only make her feel guiltier. So she will more likely avoid a situation where she will have to be around your loved ones (friends or family). It is also the same if she tries to prevent you from hanging out with her own friends/family.

7: She doesn’t invite you to share: Just like she would not want to talk to you about her problems/experience, she will also not ask you to talk about yours. She no longer cares if you had a bad day, and when you do talk to her, she probably just give you non-committal responses like nodding and mumbling. She also does not contribute to such conversations anymore.



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