Abortion Law: Catholic Bishops Protest in Imo

Catholic Bishops in Imo State have urged Governor Rochas Okorocha and members of the State House of Assembly to remove all anti-life sections in the state’s Abortion Law number 12 of 2012.

okorocha_mdgThe appropriate communiqué was signed by the Archbishop of Owerri and the Bishop of Orlu, Dr. Anthony J. V. Obinna and Dr. Augustine Ukwuoma respectively, after a meeting in Owerri.

The bishops argued that any law which failed to respect the right to life and human dignity was automatically null and void as they contradicted natural and divine laws.

“A law to prohibit violence against women, legitimate as it is in principle must, with all the more reason, prohibit violence against helpless unborn children from conception to natural death without exception. Thou shall not kill,


“We must not enthrone the culture of death through the legalization of abortion, with it’s consequent sexual permissiveness of all, which will ravage our society morally and spiritually as it has done in Europe, America and elsewhere,” the Bishops emphasised.

The Bishops also argued that the right to life and human dignity belonged to human nature and was inherent in every person by the creative act of God.

“These rights do not depend on individuals, parents, church, society or state. They are guaranteed by natural laws, divine commandments and affirmed in the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria,” the Bishops said.

They promised to continue working with God’s faithful people in Imo State, for the protection of the fundamental rights of all, including those of women and the unborn child.

“We will continue to engage Imo State government and Imo State House of Assembly on ways and means to provide for laws that will strengthen the family and protect the human rights of all Imo citizens,” the Bishops stated.

It would be noted that the Catholic Archbishop of Lagos, Most Rev. Dr. Alfred Adewale Martins, in a recent statement has also expressed the strong opposition to abortions.


  1. I support the bishops. Abortion should not be legalize at all. It is legalized, that means ticket has been given to young ladies to live an immoral life.


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