Abuja Killings: FCT To Demolish 100,435 Buildings


The Federal Capital Territory (FCT) yesterday announced that 100,435 illegal, uncompleted buildings have been marked for demolition following a raid by security operatives on an uncompleted building believed to be a hideout of Boko Haram members near the legislative quarters at Apo, Abuja, last Friday, which claimed 10 lives.

Disclosing this when the House of Representatives’ Committee on Public Safety and National Security visited his office on oversight duties, FCT minister, Senator Bala Mohammed said 100,000 illegal buildings and 435 uncompleted houses have so far been identified in the FCT to be pulled down. He explained that his administration would no longer condone the delays by developers in completing their buildings, after being allocated plots of land.

“Very soon, we will take a decisive action on uncompleted buildings in the FCT. We will ensure that all buildings that have exceeded the two-year period approved for building will be demolished. If we cannot demolish, we will make them police posts. This time around, we will take a definite action,” he said.


  1. Is this madness or we are just cursed in this country? How can any sane govt demolish building just bcos they are uncompleted? Is that the answer to the insecurity problems in the land? Does that stop our trigger hungry security officials from their extra judicial killings? What it would do as far as I am concern is that it make the owners of these uncompleted building poorer and the destitutes worse off. It doesn’t affect the criminals in pawer so you cares?