[Advice Needed] He Flirts With Other Girls In The Office. Please Help!!!

worryingDear Tee
I have been in a couple of terrible relationships and there was one that got married and I was not even aware till a friend showed me all his wedding pictures. Some months ago, I started dating this guy who worked in the same department with me. Actually, it is a secret relationship. Lately, I went through his phone and saw his message to another lady in the same office with us, where he told the lady that he wanted to suck her boobs. I confronted him and we fought about it. Later, he came begging after two weeks and I just find it hard to trust him. Now, he complains that I don’t trust him. How do I trust such person? Have I not gone through enough pains already?

Hello FD,
I really understand how you feel and I am sorry about all you have gone through. I am not against you dating that guy, but seriously I don’t appreciate office romance. Now, he flirted with another lady, while he is dating you. How are you sure that he is not dating that lady? How are you sure that he takes the relationship serious as you do? Really, it is not easy to trust such a man again after all that, because it takes years to build trust and a second to destroy it. Well, since you have forgiven him, I think you just need to have a sincere talk with him. If you really like this guy and you really want to stick with him, I think you should have a discussion with him. Ask him what he really wants from the relationship, ask him what plans he has for you, ask him about his own plans for the future and watch if you are inclusive of such plans. I think you should do all these to avoid another heartbreak. You can take a bow from the relationship if you find out that he is not serious about you and trust me, that is even better than he dumping you at the end of it all. But if you think he is really into you and sincere, then you just have to give him another chance and trust him again….because if there is no trust, there is no point in staying in the relationship.
All the best,

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