[Advice Needed] How Do I Let Go Of This Married Man? I’ve Failed And Failed.. And Will Fail Again! Please Help

images (23)How do you do it??!!!!! Picture this whole scenario and let me know how to do it … because I have failed and failed.. and will fail again.

Married guy… two kids.. crazy wife.. and me. The guy and I are madly in love with each other. It’s been almost nine months now. He’s been married for nine years, which he says have been chaotic from the start. I won’t talk about his wife, but lets just say she doesn’t and cant live happily with him. And she won’t let him go. Divorce is obviously against all Christian teaching… so they’re still together.

Yes we’re in love and yes we’re not living in reality. I feel guilty most of the time. I’ve broken up with him a million times and he always find a way to get me back. I admit that I’m weak.

He does have anyone to talk to. I’m basically his only friend. I feel guilty not giving him the support and love that he needs. But at the same time, I feel guilty being in this relationship because everyone I know has turned on me because of it. Plus it’s just not right. It doesn’t feel right.

My question is: How do I overcome this? How do I get strong and end it? How do I stop feeling guilty?!! I feel guilty from the simplest of things, and this guilt is just killing me. I’m depressed all the time.



  1. Firstly, don’t be deceived to think you are his ‘only’ friend. You are not. You have been with him for just nine months but he has been with his wife for nine years. Although divorce is not the Christian thing to do, if he really wanted to leave her, he would have done so a long time ago. This is my advice to you:
    * you need to build yourself spiritually.
    * always put yourself in her shoes. If you were the wife, would you be merry that your husband is cheating on you? That your marriage of nine years might be over? That your children would go through a lot of psychological stress?
    * you need to be with your family. You need their support and summon the courage to discuss this with your mother at length.
    * finally, tell him and yourself NO. Not just because its wrong, but also because you are better than that and deserve more /better. Get a single man and not a married one. If he is willing to leave behind his kids, wife and marriage of nine years, what makes you think he will not do the same to you? What you feel is not luv. It might feel like it, but its not. Rather tis companionship, need and maybe infactuation and obession. It might hurt really bad right now by letting him go but know this, time heals all wounds and by letting him go, you open yourself to better men out there. The Lord is your strength.

  2. Tosin ! Don’t deceived yourself to delay your future at your age you should be able to think big, that Man is married for the pass Nine years with his Family. He Love his wife if not he should have Divorce his wife for you, but since his still with his wife your his “concubine” if you say your his only friend, if he decide to do wedding with you, that day he will have not less than 30 friends ? Get a single friend and Marry pls. STOP dirty feeling with him. pls God is not happy with you Guys!!! . By John fiks.