[Advice Needed] I Am Scared To Tell Him I Am Older Than Him. What Should I Do?

frightened galDear Tee,
I have been in a relationship for more than a year now. When we started the relationship, I was not really sure about my age. This is because my parents can’t remember when my date of birth, so I chose a birthday for myself. Now, I have discovered that I am a year older than him and I don’t know how to tell him about it. I am scared he might end up quitting the relationship if he finds out. I love him so much and I don’t want to lose him. Please, help me.

Dear TT,
I think you should let him know about the age difference. I don’t think he is going to raise an eye brow concerning that….if he truly loves you. Age is just a number when two individuals are in love, and one year is not a big difference. I think you should just have a discussion with him and don’t get uncomfortable or scared when talking to him about it. You might just be having a good time gisting and then you can just bring it up. I don’t think it should break up the relationship.
Wish you well,

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  • TT, don’t try to tell the cock and bull story that you don’t know your age in this modern age.
    Only liars will do that!
    I strongly believe that you know about the age difference from the beginning of the relationship but you don’t know how to handle it.
    Anyways, like Tee advised, age is but a number; but please don’t say it out again!!

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