[Advice Needed] I Am Tempted To Sleep With Her, Please Help!!!!

frustratedDear Tee,
I am 28 years old, dating a 16 years old girl. Actually, I intend to marry her in the near future, probably after her education or so. But I am tempted to have sex with her. Should I go ahead? I have the intention of ‘wifeing’ her later. Should I do?


Dear TM,
This girl is still a teenager!!!! She still has a long way to go! You shouldn’t defile her. I don’t even see you marrying this girl in d nearest future….she has her education and life generally to face. She is still very young and she should not be exposed to sex at that young age. If you truly wish to marry her, you should keep her and allow her be innocent. Infact, you are supposed to encourage her to keep herself and not the other way round! Do the right thing, bro!


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