[Advice Needed] I Cheated On Him First. What Should I Do To Stop Him From Messing Around?

The feeling of being cheated on is never a great one….. Now, I know and wish I can take it back. Something kept on telling me that he is cheating because of what I did to him previously even though he said he has forgiven me and he loves me. From what I’ve learnt, men don’t forgive and love the same woman who once cheated on them like they did. So, I can’t believe what he said. Truth be told, we all try not to go through our partners phone but eventually we see our hands and fingers holding it and scrolling through until we find what we have been looking for. Yeah, that was what happened to me.. I have discovered 3 messages which clearly confirmed my suspicions including the calendar sex dates…hmmm!! Yes, I do love him and I cheated on him previously because of the lonely and empty feeling. I was emotionally drained as he was never there when I needed him the most and also because of the insecurities of not knowing if I’m the right woman for him. All these have been communicated and he made promises that things with change but unfortunately nothing ever changed. Right now, confrontation is not the best option but I have to pretend as if I didn’t see his phone. Because its his phone and a private entity after all. I suppose I got served, right? Now, should I revenge by going back to my old ways or try keeping things as they are currently? I’m not prepared to leave him now as I love him!

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  1. My dear,juzt live ur life the way iz suppozed to be okay..yu qoinq back to ur old wayz doeznt make senze at all..they say itz a man’z world, that men re polyqamouz in nature but not all quyz re like that..juzt do yu part Ãήϑ live D̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣γ̲̣̣ rezt to God Almiqhty..if yu cheat on him definitely yu miqht still do dat when yu qot married cuz yu can’t teach Ãή old doq new trickz..live by example yu can still chanqe him okay..I rezt ma caze.


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