[Advice Needed] I Don’t Want To Hurt Her, Should I Continue To Play Along?

imagesconfusdDear Tee
I am 30 years old and I am in love with a girl. I have proposed to her, but for the past one year, she has not given her consent. Despite this, I still love her so much. But there is this female friend of mine
who I have known for five years ago. This girl is 23 years old and she loves me but I am not in love with her, although I play along. I have told that I don’t love her but she felt hurt, infact she told me that I broke her heart. In order to avoid hurting her, I am playing along with her. Please what can I do?


Dear TM,
Why should you play along with someone that you are not interested in? I think it is better to hurt someone with the truth, than comfort them with lies. Tell her the truth and break away from that association since you are not interested in her, it would break her heart, but then you are only doing you both good. Also, for the first girl that you proposed to, it is all up to you if you really want to wait for her to give you a positive response or move on with your life.
All the best,


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