[Advice Needed] I Dumped Him Because Of His Poor Academic Performance. Now I Want Him Back. What Should I Do?

boredHello Tee,
I dated this guy for 2 years and everything went on fine until he started having educational challenges. He had to start afresh from year 1 and I broke up with him because I am in my final year and I am 22 years old. The difference is just too wide and I felt our future was not feasible together again. Now, I feel so bad about losing him and I want to get him back. Do you think this is a good idea?

Dear CS,
I think you left him when he needed you the most. He had challenges with his academic and you said goodbye to him…..its not that he cheated on you or anything. That was really unfair to him. What if you were the one in his shoes, how would you feel? Okay, you guys are not together again! I would like to ask you some questions…. Why do you want him back? Is your wanting him out of guilt, desperation to have someone to call your man again, pity for him or genuine love? If you want him back for the first three reasons, it is not worth it, you should let him be…because these are selfish motives and you would end up leaving him again, once you see another man that you genuinely love. If you do not see a future with him, there is no point going back to him. But if you truly love him and you see the future with him despite his academic challenges, you can go ahead to apologize to him and work things out. But hey, he has the choice to accept you or otherwise. If he is willing to make the relationship work again, fine! If he is not, do not feel bad or rejected; move on with your life. Be a better person and be patient as well for the right person.
All the best,


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