[Advice Needed] My Wife Wont Let Go Of Her Ex. What Do I Do?

images (23) CHEATING WIFEDear Tee,
I found out my wife is still talking to her ex-lover who is also married. She told me she was through with him and promised not to see him again before we got married. Recently, she started exchanging phone calls and text messages with him and she lied about it. I love her so much and can’t stand the thought of sharing her with another man. What should I do?

Dear A,
I am sorry about what is happening in your marriage right now. But then, you said that she started communicating with her ex recently – how have you been relating with her prior to this occurrence? Have you been there for her? Have you been the man that she married? Do you still give her attention or do you love your job more than you love her? How often do you go out together on a date? Have you been doing the things you enjoyed doing together? What of love making? Are you responsive to her needs? All I am saying here is that it takes two to tango. She is very wrong by exchanging calls with her ex, she is a married woman now and she needs to respect you and her marriage. However, communication is one of the keys for a successful relationship, so I think you should talk to her. Let her know of your findings and how she has betrayed the trust you have for her. Ask her questions, the reason she started talking to her ex, tell her to open up to you. When she does, tell her you love her and that you are willing to forgive her, let her understand the risks involved in still talking to her ex – how her action makes you feel bad and the negative impact it could have on your marriage. Advise her to let go of him and make up with her. On your part, I think you should be there for your wife; it is not just about you meeting her physical needs, her emotional need is also very important. Let her know how important she is to you with your actions. Take her out on a date, spice up your marriage, buy her surprise gifts, pray with her and pray for her, kiss her often and treat her like a queen, I bet she would have eyes just for you and kick her ex off.
Wish you well in your marriage,

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  1. it means she is not for u. She’s meant for her ex. U are only keeping her in ur home for her ex in d name of marriage. Go look for someone who’s truly meant for u or else she ll continue that way no matter how hard u try to pls her. Women are very complex creature.