[Advice Needed] She Attempted To Murder Me Twice! What Should I Do?

nagsDear Tee,
I have a girlfriend who gave birth to my 2 boys. She has attempted to murder me twice. The first time, she stabbed me with a kitchen knife while I was asleep. On the second occasion, she threw a hot lamp at my chest. I am really confused as our parents never agreed to our relationship, let alone pay her bride price. I don’t love her anymore, and my life with her is just hell-like. What should I do?

Dear AN,
Is she your girlfriend or your wife? Are you guys married or are you guys dating and living together? If you are married, I cannot advise you to divorce her because you two promised to say by each other, I would only advise you to see a medical doctor or a counselor who would help her deal with her anger problems. But then, you have to BE VERY CAREFUL with the way you deal with her if you don’t want your life to be cut short, such person is very dangerous and can do ANYTHING in their anger mood. If you are not married to her and you have not paid her bride price, then bro…..I think you need to take a break from that abusive relationship. It would not be funny if she does something dangerous to you. Take a break from the relationship; quit living in the same house with her since you two are not married. You can then assist her in getting necessary help to overcome her psychological challenge; which is uncontrollable anger. And your kids, they could stay with your parents if she is willing to let them go. Be there for your children, be there for the lady in question…..but then be very careful, your life is important.
Hope this helps,

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