[Advice Needed] She Has A Very Bad Attitude, What Should I Do?

mmmmDear Tee,
My girlfriend has been a thorn in my flesh. She keeps malice a lot even with me, she does not forgive me easily and always finds fault in everything I say and do. She is impatient and does not want to see me with another lady. I have talked to her about the effects of her actions, but she does not listen to corrections, she would rather flare up. I thought she would change, but she didn’t. I have taken her home to my parents and we are even planning to have an introduction ceremony. But her attitude is just a no-no. Should I quit?

Dear EZ,
Your girlfriend is kind of obsessed with you, judging from the fact that she does not want to see you with other ladies. Aside that, she might have been in a kind of relationship where the guy treated her harshly and you are one she is using that against unconsciously. It might also be that naturally, she just has a bad attitude. Can you live with kind of attitude for the rest of your life? Can you cope with her? Can you tolerate her? If yes, you can proceed with the introduction. But then, you would not be able complain about that attitude, because you already know who she is. If however, you know that you cannot live with her for the rest of your life, its high time you call the relationship quit. A broken relationship is better than a broken marriage. If your marriage would not be peaceful with her, then you should quit now.
All the best,


  1. EZ!please if you don’t want to die fast than your age,get rid of her as early as possible.afterall.we have excess ladies out there insearch of man like u.so,if you know what is good for you,go for peace not pieace.

  2. Am sure wit tym she will change 4 beta perhaps she was a victim of jilted relationship & she kudn’t let go d truma in her memory easily
    just be full of prayer bcos according 2 Frank Spencer of a TV soap opera titled SOME MOTHER DO HAVE THEM.
    A wife wit dis attitude is far beta dan an in-law wit such attitude
    Finally my bro, ve u checked ur self? Am sure if we asked her she will ve some of ur attitude 2 dat she can’t cope wit.
    Remember u were both fr diffrent parents ur upbringing & attitude can never b d same dats y u both ve 2 learn ao 2 live 2geda marriage is an Institution it’s nt bed of Roses it’s far beyond biutifu or hansome faces nt even bedfun or money can guarantee u a peacefull home
    Just look for d bellow
    Total Submission (wife)
    Love (husband)
    Share idea
    Wit all of d above u will ve a peacefull home.

  3. my name is favour,am in luv wit a guy who wants to take me as a sex mate…i became his sexmate tinking maybe he will luv me as time goes..d moment i tried to forget him d luv keeps growing in my heart….am confused plss i need ur advice


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