[Advice Needed] She Is Pregnant, But I Am Not Ready To Get Married. Please Help!!!

mmmmDear Tee,
I have been dating her for the past 3 years. Recently, she told me she missed her period and I suspect that she is pregnant. I want to marry her, but I don’t have the financial strength for such, I just finished school and I have not gone for service. I can’t take care of the baby, and she is not ready for an abortion. What do I do?


Dear A,
I think you have to take responsibility for your child. She is pregnant….the deed is done, don’t think of aborting the baby. Let the lady keep the pregnancy. Get something doing, a job that would fetch you money, no matter how small it is. But then, I also think she should go to a medical laboratory and do a pregnancy test, to confirm if she is pregnant or not. But if she is, take responsibility for the child.
All the best,


  1. you are not ready for marriage but your penis was ready for sex and you did not remember that two things are involved disease and pregnancy.

    guy, you better stand up to your responsibility and relieve that innocent girl of thinking ok,

    when you were enjoying it, you did not seek for advice, you put it there and its your responsibility not ours.

    foolish idiot man you have now put that innocent girl into a family way and want to run away

  2. Dont tink of abortion.dd anybdy advce u bfore u put it. wen u re putin it nd it swet u.she ddnt say no dd u no she as gave u al her life.dd u no how mny baby god wrote wit her.nd u wnt to spoil her life.wel jst take heart.nd cary ur cros.take a prper care of ur wfe nd baby.tru dat u can get a job.


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