[Advice Needed] She Wants To Leave Me For Another Guy! Please Help!!

images (2)Dear Tee,
I am a 400 level student of civil engineering and my girl is a 300 level student of sociology. We love ourselves so much. But the problem is that we are age mates and she is scared we might not get married due to the fact that it will take me a bit longer time to settle even after finishing my school and getting a job. I love this lady very much and I am not ready to lose her, but right now she is seeking for other relationships… What must I do to keep her? Please help!

Dear SM,
I understand you really love your girl and you are willing to keep her, but then I think you can only talk to her about it. You cannot force her to stay with you if she does not want to stay and I also think you should allow her make her decision. If she feels she is so much in a haste to get married after school, allow her. I believe that whatever is yours would surely be yours; you won’t need to persuade someone to stay with you. I also believe that love is patient, and if she really loves you, she would be patient with you, because it’s not like you are not ready to marry her at the appointed time. Bro, I know it going to hurt you, but then if she wants to leave, let her. Don’t get unnecessarily bothered about it, a girl that would love so much and would wait for you comes sooner than you can imagine.
All the best,



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