[Advice Needed] Should I Leave My Boyfriend For This Rich Guy Who Is Ready To Marry Me?

images cheatingDear Tee,
I am 25 years old and I have a boyfriend who is 26 years old. But then, there is this other guy who is very rich and wants to marry me by December…he is also ready to give me all I want. I love my boyfriend so much, but he is not ready to get married now, as he is not yet comfortable. I am not getting younger and I am confused here, what do I do?

Dear NM,
I think it is wrong to marry someone because of their wealth. Love that has its foundation built on money can never last, because once the money becomes exhausted, you fall out of love. If you love your boyfriend as claimed, and you see a future with him; if your boyfriend has you in his plans and he wants to be with you forever, then you should stick with him. It would be wrong to marry someone simply because you think of age factor and as far I am concerned, you are still young. And things might just work out fine for your boyfriend tomorrow, who knows? I think you should be patient and stick with who you love, rather than marry someone because of their money.
All the best,

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  • Dont mary someone because of money.its very dangrose.i think you have been trying to fall in love for rich guy.so adjust your self back.eve when you get there you would get mouth to talk and do any how.a little word is okay for the wise person.

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