[Advice Needed] We Are About To Get Married, But I Found Out He Has A Kid. What Do I Do?

images (16)Dear Tee,
I met my fiancé some months ago. We started as friends and later, he asked me to marry him and I consented. Our families have met and we are preparing for our traditional wedding. The problem is he just announced to me that he has a child from another woman. I am really confused. I feel I should hide this fact from my mother and continue with the marriage, because I feel she would not allow me to go into the marriage. Is my decision right?

Dear JAY,
I understand you want to keep your man, but then I feel you should let your mother know about something like this. She is experienced than you, so you need to hear her opinion about it. I feel you need to go slow now because you need to ask questions and make findings about what he told you. You need to be sure he is not a married man…. You just have to take everything slowly now, there is no point in rushing. Also, you also need to ask yourself if you would take the child as your own, if you can’t, there is no point marrying him. Do not rush simply because you are making marriage plans now or you love him, be calm and patient. Let your mom know about it, if she does not know now, she would eventually know about it. There is no good in taking a short cut to marriage.
All the best,


  1. Let ur mum knows about it and continue wit ur marriage bcos i want u to knw dat if u ar d one in dat condition, u wil stil find somone to settle wit. So pls help urself do not scatter ur lif.

  2. Child is a blessing n not a disease. If truly u love dis man accept d child as urs n let ur mum knows. U should be grateful ur man open up before ur marriage to him girl friend.


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