[Advice Needed] We Kiss A Lot, But She Won’t Date Me. Please Help!!

imagesconfusdDear Tee,
There is this lady that I love so much and I have never felt this way with other ladies that I dated. I asked her out, but she did not give me a ‘yes’. She said she loves me, but can’t accept my proposal. I shower her with love and care, we even kiss most times, she sleeps the night in my house, but we never had sex. I can’t stop thinking about her and I have even tried to go out with other ladies, but my heart is just with her. What should I do?

Dear MM,
Well, it is either she loves you and she is pretending not to or she does not. I don’t think you can do much again since you have shown her care and attention. Sometimes, the way to get somebody’s attention is to let them go and start living your own happy life. Sometimes, the more you hold on to someone, the more they push you away. But when you let them go, thy start wondering what is going on in your life and then they become attracted to you. I am not saying you should stop being friends with her, ask her out again and hear her out. If she says no, accept it as a no, accept it that she does not feel about you as you do. Then, take your mind off her and put your energy into other things. I think you should even stop all the kissing and the likes, because the more you do all that with her, the more you would not be able to take your mind off her. Also, you can another girl more than you love her, it is very possible…it is just all about you’re your determination, because love is a choice and you choose to love someone.
All the best,

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