[Advice Needed] Which Should I Marry; My Baby Mama Or This Single Mother?

images (8)Dear Tee
I was into relationship with a lady. After sometimes, I discovered that her character is nothing to write home about. Every time my younger ones and friends visit me, she keeps causing trouble. She is very disrespectful and dishonest. Along the line, she get pregnant for me and decided to keep the pregnancy. Before this time, I had told her that we can‘t marry due to her inconsistency. She left the house for antenatal and maternity.
Recently, I am in love with another young lady, a single mother of 2 kids. She is nice and very disciplined and possesses good qualities. She has 75 % of the qualities that I am looking for and I intend to settle down with her. But my friends and my mum advised me to go and marry the first lady which has already delivered a baby boy. Please kindly advise me, I am not interested in that dishonest lady. Your advice would be highly appreciated.

Dear D,
I understand that the first girl has attitude issues, but then you know her and you know her well. That makes it easier to deal with if you marry her. Also, your mum and friends have accepted her for who she is, and that is their reasons for telling you to marry her. The thing is anybody can change, if they really want to….and this girl is not an exception. You only need to talk senses into her, and tell her how her wrong attitudes affect you, and the impact it might have on the relationship. Okay, you said the other lady has almost all of what you want….have you lived with her? How are you sure she is not pretending? What if she is worse than the first girl? What if she is just giving you the best just to get you hooked? Don’t be deceived, a desperate woman would do anything to get what she really wants. Forgive the first lady, accept her, marry her and be there for your kid.
All the best,

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