Aluta Continua: Tukur Cannot Take Over PDP – Lamido

A leading member of the ‘new Peoples Democratic Party, “New PDP”, and Jigawa State Governor Sule Lamido has said that those who masterminded the sealing-off of their secretariat in Abuja last week, can only seal their office, but cannot seal their conviction and belief in restoring sanity to the party.

pdp trouble

This is even as he noted that members of the Abubakar Kawu Baraje-led faction, are not leaving the ruling PDP.

Lamido, who described the current happenings in the party as a conflict between legality and illegality, further noted that the group remains resolute in its effort to return PDP to the path of unity, justice discipline and glory, adding that it would not allow any ‘foster father’ or ‘baby seater’ to take over the party, they all toiled to nurture to maturity.


The governor, who spoke for the first time since the crisis broke out about a week ago, made these known during the weekend in his reaction to  the sealing-off of the Kawu Baraje-led faction’s secretariat.

Lamido, who likened the National Chairman, Alhaji Bamanga Tukur and his group, to foster parents, who have little or no idea about the pains of pregnancy, labour and childbirth, but who suddenly want to take possession of the child after being nurtured to maturity, said: “We are not moving an inch from our party, the PDP. We know the pains of pregnancy, labour and childbirth, as such, we will not allow any foster father or parent or a baby seater, to take over our child, the PDP. The PDP, is our child. We were the ones  that nurtured it, therefore, we will not allow it to be orphaned. Because, if we abandon it, it will become orphaned. And so we will not do that.

“Through the child, we have given Nigerians hope. And I want to reassure them that we will keep that hope alive. What you are witnessing is a conflict between legality and illegality. They sealed off  the office. But they can’t seal off our conviction and belief in restoring sanity to the party. And that, we will do. We will follow all legal means, not only to re-open the office, but to put the PDP back on the path of legality and constitutionality, which Tukur has since abandoned. Therefore, we remain resolute and focused on our convictions, and we are ever ready to confront whatever illegality, Tukur may want to further unleash on us.

“And I really feel embarrassed for him. He has turned himself to a laughing stock for Nigerians, because Nigerians, who are PDP, know what is PDP, and therefore know that Tukur cannot be said to be a running a PDP,” Lamido said.

Source: Daily Sun Newspaper


  1. Sule Lamido if at all you are right on what you are saying about illegality and legality why did your group demand the president to stop EFCC this is because you and your group are evil group and have embezzled your state fund at the same time looking for a way to escape being a victim let just tell you and your group no place to hide you and your group better commit suicide


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