ASUU: The Strike Will Continue, Even If It Takes Years Until Our Request Is Granted


The lingering strike actionn embarked on by the Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU, Chairman, Kogi State University Chapter, Sylvester Osakwe Ukwuteno, has said the union is ready to fight until their request is granted, even if takes more than a year, as he noted that Ghana experienced a year and some months strike before the government came to their senses and the outcome is currently obvious, “we would do even more till our request is granted,” he stated.

Despite the N30 billion released to the striking university lecturers as payment for the earned allowances, Ukwuteno, has said that the ongoing strike by the union will continue because the Federal Government has not strengthened its vision for the sector.

Speaking to Vanguard Learning in a telephone interview, Ukwuteno explained that if there are plans for the sector, government would have speedily concurred with the plea to innovate the sector being pursued by the union, adding that the pursuit of the union is to ensure that the country meets up with the international standard of education.

“We hope this would be the last strike that will surface on this particular discourse, hopefully if the government cares for education because we will not budge until our demands are met. The much emphasis of ‘no money syndrome’ is all lies as the president could convey over 300 entourage including himself, to China coupled with their allowances, welfare and other incentives, they should tell Nigerians where the money is coming from.

“The quest is not money motivated as speculated, but to ensure that facilities and other necessary equipment needed to update the students are made scalable for effective learning. Universities are currently operating with little or no equipment in the labs, making the labs non-functional for practicals, thereby sterilizing what is supposed to be practically inclined.

“It took Ghana a year and some months strike before the government came to their senses and the outcome is currently obvious, we would do even more till our request is granted.”

He therefore urged the public to join in the struggle by mounting pressure on the government to hasten up in its decisions because the students are the casualties now, but will be the benefactors if eventually granted.


  1. Thunder fire your head. Greedy, heartless and selfish union. Because none of your children are in any of the public universities. What about we in final years, about to take our final degree exam before this. How then do we benefit from this as you said. May Thunder strike you into pieces.

  2. dis is serious oooo… u ppl shud do somtin… dia shud b an agreement naa…. students are suffering it much…. esp final years nd prospective students…… wish una speedy resolutn

  3. Yes I feel u my aluta soldiers. Ogar ASUU chairman, u can go 2 hell 4 all we care if u like, go strike 4 100yrs, na poverty go finish u. By d time we all change our minds 2 leav sch n start trading, u’ll teach empty class rooms wen u com back 4rm ur stupid strike. Criminals

  4. The 30billion paid by the FG, was it for infrastural development? Asuu strike is for your own personal agradisement which we are all aware of asuu trying to get their accumulated arrears of the FG agreement since 2009. Stop check mating the president entourage, nor the politicians money because, its an open field quick your job and join politics if you are that interested. I pray the strike wil soon go along with no work no pay.

  5. sylvester or whatever u call urself,you re a selfish,hollow hearted rogue.Ur kinds re the perpetrators of numerous vices on campus today.Stupid man.

  6. Dis strike wil do d student no gud rather bad,if dey claim d education section z bad,z it to b amended @ d University level or secondary school?wer U’ll c a secondarian who cant write a formal or infomal leter.ASUU jst want 2 b leaving lyk politicians. Aluta continua……. Victoria ascerta

  7. Dis strike wil do d student no gud rather bad,if dey claim d education section z bad,z it to b amended @ d University level or secondary school?wer U’ll c a secondarian who cant write a formal or infomal leter.ASUU jst want 2 b leaving lyk politicians. Aluta continua……. Victoria ascerta

  8. Dis strike wil do d student no gud rather bad,if dey claim d education section z bad,z it to b amended @ d University level or secondary school?wer U’ll c a secondarian who cant write a formal or infomal leter.ASUU jst want 2 b leaving lyk politicians. Aluta continua…….

  9. what kind of body hid themselves under d aegis of asuu….asuu r very greedy people….we keep blaming fg,asuu r to b blamed….they are heartless people….who knws,if FG settles dia demands if dey wont share d money btw demselves 4 dia selfish reason…and de wil tel us dey r fightn 4 our right….d truth is dat Nigeria leaders r corupt including ASUU,they can never fight for our right….we r jx at home lavishing wit no hope of d strike being called off….they r suffering d student ind name of fighting 4 our right…..THUNDER FIRE BOTH ASUU and FG…..UNA DEY CRAZE,stupid bodies

  10. Greatest Nigeria students!
    Dear fellow students I think blaming and accusing our lecturers for this strike is just a waste of time, to be factual ASUU are not in any way destroying our life, all they want is a better future for we students, so let us support the struggle for FG to dance to our torn because the level of Education in this country is on call for. An all these our Government officials and politicians are not after our success and progress at all, their mind now is at the forthcoming Election 2015. An it all because most of their kinds are not schooling in this Country…
    So let the Struggle Continue for Victory to ascertained.

    • Femi,before you write on issues as sensitive as this,u should think well. Which students exactly are this mistake for human beings fighting for? Is it the final year students that are about to leave? When FG releases fund for infastructures,it takes them 3 years to build. Aside from that,isn’t there any othere means for them to negotiate than wasting their useless lives and the student’s precious time? Plus the fact that they will collect the fund,swallow it and come to the Lecture theatres to tell us how their children are smart and doing well in schools abroad,and we are blockheads. Let both FG and ASUU continue,we have given them 1 week. Nigeria has never seen the type of riot that students will come up with. And as for u femi… Park well

  11. let u ppl strike 4 more 2yrs plss u hear..i lyk am cos i get deal 4 hand..God bless asuu n d strike! Buisness continue…on my way 2 dubia!

  12. Pls can someone send d president n his cabinet link. I want 2 talk 2 them bc I have never heard that member of the national house of assembly had went on strike bc of any needs. Tell mr president 2 do abt n leave fighting 4 2015, he is a failure.

  13. Federal govt & Assu should better resolve dis on~going strike de earlier de better, youths are parading on street wit notin 2 do rather engaging them selves in voilence & criminal act, supposing dey are in sch. dis wil not happen. i think there are better ways of solving problems oda dan strike. pls u all should hav a re~think about it. if ghana succeeded in a year & 2 month strike, Nigeria is a different country pls Assu & Federal Govt temper justice wit mercy.

  14. May God punish asuu. If i was Goodluck, i’ll dissolve the association. God punish their generations and any child that asuu blood is runnin no their veins. Anybody that say’s that asuu is fightin in d interest of nigerian student. May every thing on that persons lyf go on strike for his/her own interest. God punish asuu in jesus name.

  15. What ASUU is doing is right, let our universities meet international standard. No matter who is suffering now, the upcoming generation will enjoy- price has to be paid. Final year students take heart.

  16. To me,I don’t see reasons y we should b compared to many university does Ghana has?ASUU,ur reason for going to strike is to get something, which d present struggle has goten them. Quit ds figjt n go back to claSs. If ds strike continue, nigerians,I know wil bak d FG n rubbish ur struggle.before its get to dat point, ASUU should call off the strike. This is my candid opinion to d union.

  17. Ah fink it high time students stopped exchangin words with our leaders and pray dat the strike be called off.If ‎​u̶̲̥̅̊ kip cursing FG,ASUU etc frm now till eternity,nothing is gonna happen. I myself is A̶̲̥̅ prospective student,and its affecting me too.Let this issue b resolved once and for all

  18. fG why nt cut spendin for heavenly sake. U guys carry out i dont care ur children s busy schoolin outside dis country dats why u dont care if we stay up to one yr in dis strike.hw i wish ur children s schoolin here u could av paid the money for a long tym nw.FG stop been selfish for once and ASUU if dis money s for ur personal eatin al of u together wil neva knw peace

  19. am tired of staying @home, asuu pls stop d strike of a tin keeping us @home will not do us any good. Our leaders are too corrupt

  20. FG are stupid while Asuu are foolish. The fact is that none of their children are in public universities. So why would the stupid FG respond to the request of the foolish Asuu. If dis foolish lecturers are comparing themselves to the politicians they should quit and join politics while d stupid FG are making us feel as if we don’t knw what to do. We knw ooo we’re jst silence for now becos if the crisis should start the nation will not rest becos our thinkings are going haywire nagatively. Hooooo lord y did nigerians elected dat mumu called himself gudluck……na badluck b him name. He’s a failed president

  21. Y ASSU and FG knw go do lik dat, wer der children de awside country de skul, na only God go punish all of dem, tor mak we stay huz 4 dem na, if der children finish der skul and der fada old make we see weda der fit rule us,,, stupid pipu

  22. Well, when two elephants are boxing, is the grass that suffers but if either of the elephant is figting 4 the survival of the grass, then the grass must endure the hardship for its(and the feauture generations) better 2morow. Because even if asuu call off strike 2day, this useless, senseless and failure government will neva pay them and in the next couple of months another strike wil hit up. So is beta 2 endure one final big blow and meet ur target than to be slaped daily wit unaccomplished mission. This is my point of view what of urs friends?

  23. ASUU strike:
    I wonder why those that call themselves intellectuals can’t understand simple typical 9ja political promises and go back 2 classrooms?;
    1.Are they not aware that the present govt used that agreement to be (S)elected?
    2. Are they not aware that 2nd Niger Bridge will be 2015 promise?.
    3. Why wud they not kukuma tell d present govt they nid 2 be having sabbatical leave every 2years, or do they think this govt will not agree? Their children re nt schooling here ofcourse!
    4. Does it mean that most of my country’s students prefer Academic certificate to Skills acquisition?..o k,if they don’t, why do they allow the minority ( ASUU, NANS Excos, GOV’T) determine their future without speaking up?
    ………”You may fool all the people some of the time, you can even fool some of the people all of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all the time.”_
    Abraham Lincoln ( American16th US President(1861- 65), who brought about the emancipation of the slaves. 1809- 1865)
    ……….i want use this medium to tell 9ja students that …….”The day of individual happiness has passed”_Adolf Hitler
    i rest my case, GOD BLESS NIGERIA!

  24. students blaming Assu or FG will not solve ur problem why not think of how u can develop urselves to achive greater things in life.The ones that are saying they ar final yr students they are talking as if when they finish sch there are jobs waiting for them.If i were u strike or not i will be working on myself to make something great out of me.For ur imformation FG don’t hv you in mind they ar after 2015 election.As for Assu i hope u ar fighting for the students if not u will not go unpunish.

  25. @ Waziri! I really commend your effort in your write-up cos it is a cold water meant to extinguish a burning flame. So nothing does the patience intervene in except it beautifies it and nothing is it taken away from except it renders it worthless. So students! Let’s cooperate with the ASUU we shall gain our pursuit @ the time when it will be useful for us

  26. asuu should go to hell..we do not need their useless pity on us…130billion is not enough for infrastructural development..afterall we have been studyin and learning all these while…its better we stay at home all year right…just looking for money to squander…wht happens to our school fees?

  27. Instead of blaming ASUU or FG, pray for d strike to be resolved on time and find something worthwhile to do so as to improve your intellect.

  28. Asuu self, una for consida us na, na una children we bee oo, haba asuu 4 reciev d money fg giv n resum d strk n fuda negotiatn continued na….

  29. uneasy lies the head that wears the crown.kudos to Asuu and FG pls we are tired of staying at home but remeber we are the leader of 2omorow so y all this.

  30. Asuu shud av D wit d little dey see,@least dat 100b will inmprove d classrums en lab a bit,let governmnt release d money,we won’t see any sign of it in skulllss

  31. Guys [email protected],i lik d idea of lukin 4 wat 2 do bt do u av any job 4 any1? Doin somtin 2 inprove ur self? Lik u ar a rich kid,u knw as a studnt u dnt gt anytin 4 bin @hom u only gt moni wen in sch as allowance,evn dia is no job 4 undagraduate,it beta 2 finish ontime n nt getin a job bt 1day is ur turn or start tinkin as a finalist abt 2go in2 d world,4 me asuu/fg dnt knw i feel al wat 9ger govt hears is strike,so pls dnt tink u ar d only1 knw dat if al dis measures has been taken long tim ago or our schls ar wel funded in d past yrss we of dis presnt generatn ll nt b suferin 4rm it nw? So nw dat d actn has bin takin it is beta so dat our future kid ll nt sufer al dis poor facilities if asuu cn rily utilisd d funds.most dia kids dnt sch here i knw so dey dnt wnt 2 hlp any kid if nt dia is a particular fee attractd 2 writtin of exam if strike is abt 2 comence,dey cn pay n let u write ur exam n leave knwin u ar out of schl or nxt level,i tink we shld jst beg dem 2 cal off dan bin selfish coz we ar abt leavin wat abt ur juniors?

  32. i blame federal government for not completing their part of whatever deal dey made with asuu…buh fg has at least taken a step by offering 130b even if it’s small…i think asuu is being insensitive en selfish…dey re not concerned cos deir kids re outside d country en in private skuls…if dey re concerned about d students..dey should also know dat d same students they claim to be fighting for re also d same students turning into criminals cos of dis strike..pls call
    off dis strike, u re not helping issues… remember two wrongs cannot make a right…

  33. Hmmm… Dis strike is just so annoying… FG no try… But ℓ̊ strongly believe too that ASUU despite fighting for D̶̲̥̅̊ students is also fighting for her own selfish interest… Else, she would have accepted D̶̲̥̅̊ 30b and commence work while further negotiations continues… But she beleives are profit from D̶̲̥̅̊ 30b may not be much… Pls ASUU if Ɣ‎​‎​‎​Ơ̴͡U̶̲̥̅̊ are really fighting  D̶̲̥̅̊ students… Den dey are begging Ɣ‎​‎​‎​Ơ̴͡U̶̲̥̅̊ †̥ end D̶̲̥̅̊ strike so we can go back †̥ skul… There is no time… We are not ghana and can never be ghana… Let’s work with D̶̲̥̅̊ little resources we have have… If all universities decide †̥ leave ASUU like UNILORIN  Nnamdi Azikiwe University, will D̶̲̥̅̊ body stil be sTronglty valid?… Pls tink ASUU… I’m a student of nnamdi azikiwe uni… Just finfished ma projecT but waiting †̥ defend… Students are tired of D̶̲̥̅̊ strike… Don’t push dem †̥ D̶̲̥̅̊ wall… Ɣ‎​‎​‎​Ơ̴͡U̶̲̥̅̊ know students are deadlty if tried


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