BBA The Chase: Man Emerges And Claims To Be Dillish’s Father – Abdi Guyo

This was totally expected, LOL!!

A couple of days after Dillish walked away with $300,000, a certain man from Kenya, Abdi claims to be the father of Dillish.

Dillish confessed in the Big Brother house that she doesn’t know her father till date but now that the beauty has become a millionaire, her alleged father has magically appeared.

Read the report from Namibia and Kenya; Credit Pulse and StandardMedia, Kenya

Pulse broke the story that a Kenyan man named Abdi Guyo had come out to claim paternity of BBA winner Dillish. The humble Abdi who is of Somali origin, gave a detailed interview at the Standard Group offices saying that he indeed fathered Dillish during his peacekeeping mission to Namibia in 1989.

The news received mixed reactions with many saying that he was after her new found fortune. But the reaction that mattered the most, Dillish’s, was anything but positive.

On her twitter account the Namibian beauty tweeted “Why is this weird dude claiming to be my dad! My dad is Somali! Where did he fall from haaaaaaai -_-” and went ahead to retweet those who thought that Abdi was lying.

It has been said that only a mother knows the real father to a child and today, Selma Pashukeni, Dillish’s mother, put the naysayers to shame.

In a Google hangout organized by the Kenyan Embassy in Namibia and the Standard Group, Selma and Abdi were able to talk to each other for the first time in close to 23 years.

Selma was joined by the Kenyan Ambassador to Namibia, Peter Gitau, Dillish Uncle and Aunt. Abdi was at the Standard Group offices for the hangout.

The emotions ran deep and Selma was visibly overcome by the reunion. It was clear that she recognized him and willing to talk. If there had been any hard feelings in the past, they were not visible in this hangout as the two gushed about their time together while in Namibia.

It was a trip down memory lane as they reminisced about the places they had been to and the airport where they last saw each other.

The youthful looking Selma who seemed to have the sharpest memory asked about Abdi’s colleagues who according to Abdi had passed on.

Abdi explained that while he tried his best to keep in touch, his hectic army schedule and the extremely slow communication modes caused them to drift apart.

The uncle was quick to remind Abdi to visit Namibia with loads of money as gratitude for all the work he did raising up Dillish in Abdi’s absence.

By the end of the hangout, Abdi has been invited to Namibia to celebrate Dillish’s 23rd birthday which will happening on the 16th of September.

It yet to be known what Dillish thinks of this turn of events but hopefully there will be a happy ending to the story.