Brave Pre-Teen Girls Catch Robbers After Hiding In Closet


A pre-teen is being hailed as a brave young lady after calling 911 to help nab two robbers who invaded her home Saturday, NewsChannel 9 reports.

When Breasia Morrow, 12, and Azariah Morrow, 11, of Chattanooga, Tenn., realized that two men were inside of their home, they took cover in their bedroom closet. Bresia called 911. Then men had broken in through a back door and began stealing valuables, including computers and a flat screen television.

Meanwhile, Bresia was on the phone with 911 operator Amanda Miller giving her realtime information on the robber’s activities. The girls originally hid at the top of their bunkbed, until the operator told them to find a more secure location. The girls found a closet. At one point, one of the robbers made it to the same room as the two sisters but did not notice them hiding inside the closet, just several feet away.

“They were awesome,” Miller said. “(Breasia) was very calm. She was with her sister and kept her sister calm.”

Meanwhile Rusha Lansden, another operator, was taking down location information for the cops to get to the house. They caught 19-year-old Zackeree Howard and 18-year-old Carlos Jones. Both have been charged with aggravated burglary and vandalism.

As for Azariah, she considers her older sister a hero.

“She really told me stuff. She was telling me I’m glad you’re okay and stuff. That’s good that they didn’t find us. And we were keeping calm, my sister told me it was good that I kept calm,” Azariah said.