Child Bride: 8-year-old Bride Dies On Wedding Night After Suffering Injuries

file image: protest against child marriage in Yemen
file image: protest against child marriage in Yemen

Kuwaitis have called for stringent action against a family in Yemen after their eight-year-old daughter died of internal injuries on the first night of her arranged marriage to a man more than five times her age.

Rawan died in city of Hardh in the Governorate of Hajjah in northwestern Yemen, Kuwaiti daily Al Watan reported on Sunday, quoting Yemeni media.

She is believed to have suffered a tear to her genitals and severe bleeding.

Yemeni activists urged the local police to arrest the “beastly groom” and the girl’s family and transfer them to a court where justice would be served and the case would be used to help put an end to the practice of marrying very young girls in the impoverished country, the daily said.

In Kuwait, bloggers offered their prayers for the “bride”, but lashed out at the “groom”, saying that he was a beast who should be severely punished.

Angry Man, a blogger, posted that the man was “an animal who deserved to be punished severely for his crime.”

“All those who supported such a crime should also be punished,” he said.

Under the moniker “Sad”, another blogger said that everybody should have realised that Rawan was too young to get married.

“Her family and her groom could have waited for some time before having this marriage,” Sad said. “It was not fair at all and the marriage should not have happened even if some tribes believe that it is a good custom.”

Bu Omar said that he was disturbed by the death report.

“Rawan’s family members are not humans. They do not deserve to have children,” he said.


  1. Just hope our able Senator Yarima and his supporter will heard, read and see this. Please is there any way you can send this to him or the senates?

  2. @Dennis….Marriage in Islam is anytime but the intercourse has to be maturity stage..the man ought to have waited till the girl mature as a lady…and if the girl reach that age and she said doesn’t like him,that is the end of their marriage….bible may not talk when and how a lady should married but Qur’an does!

    • Dis muslems some times baful me! Hw can u keep a goat & a yam in a closed door & expect d goat nt 2eat d yam! May b islam is all abt ritual if nt, were will u hold dt kind of a little gul 2make love? Hw will u enjoy it wen she is crying ? Is it nt shear wickedness? Dese ppl shld b kept in zoe I swear! De lack it all dignity! Concience! Good moral! “If u can’t make love 2ur wife u dnt av 2marry her”its dt simple . Let dese wild beasts stop deceiving dem selves in d name of religion! Blood sucking demons!

  3. .Marriage in Islam is anytime but the intercourse has to be maturity stage..the man ought to have waited till the girl mature as a lady…and if the girl reach that age and she said doesn’t like him,that is the end of their marriage….bible may not talk when and how a lady should married but Qur’an does!


  5. the blame should go to the girls family especially the mother who opens her eye and see her daughter been given out in marriage to an old man that is 5 times older than her and old enough to be her grandaughtdr

  6. @Afolayan,” u said marriage in Islam could be anytime, but intercourse maturity stage, and during which the girl may not like and that ends the marriage”. My people let us not deceive ourselves in the name of religion, let us try to be realistic in all we do n put religion aside why not wait for the child to grow to that maturity stage when she can take decision of her own to marry a particular man or not than exposing the under age female child to the dangers of life which might lead to death or divorce at latter stage in such marriage.

  7. I blame the parents of the girl for releasing an innoncent girl to an adult. This should be a warning message to Nigerian senators/parents and Yerima who surppoted under-age marriage! Shame!

  8. Rubbish!!! I wonder what a book full of hearsay and distorted tales by moonlight has to say about marriage that is not contained in the true word of God (The Holy Bible). No wonder paedophyles lay claim on it as their authority for detroying young girls. There is nothing Godly about paedophylia.

  9. Afolayan or wht did u call ursef, why would I marry a girl and hv to wait untill she is matured, why wont I jst wait n let her mature b4 marrying her? U pple ar jst confuse, see d light

  10. @Afoloyan, so ‘any time’ is the recommended time for marriage by your quaran. How can u marry a child, that’s demonic to say the least! Your fellow muslims in kuwait called it a crime(read the main post again) n asking for those in support to be punished(inckuding u all Naija muslims who support dis evil. I think u guys are d ones who confuse maturity n marriage. Ofcourse u jst admitted @Afolayan, that ur quaran doesn’t recognise d difference!

  11. Could it be that the old man is into rituals??? This is child abuse,,, marriage is matured men nd women who knows what it takes to be in marriage,,,

  12. @Gbenga,Adetah and Abiye…arrogance,name calling and insults doesn’t mean u are right.u are right when u are and wrong when u are wrong.
    If the book u blive doesn’t address about when and how female mature,doesn’t mean I should hold to urs…thank God u are yoruba….u must av heard in history that our fore fathers do go to bride house when she is very young and tell them that when your child grow old,she will be my wife or wife for my son as the case may be.the girl will have to go with the agreement made on her behalf whether she is ok with it. Or not.
    @Ibe…the diff btw yoruba custom and thas of islam is ,the girl must have attain the maturity stage(but not a must to be 18yrs).During this time she will be with her family until she turn to a lady.And when she mature and the man come to take her,if she is not ok with the man,that is the end of the contract the parents entered on her behalf which the old yoruba system lack.
    The islamic rules has never goes against natural phenomenon and has never decay!if u don’t av blive in what that muslims stick to,that doesn’t give u room to talk loosely if u are but elite that u claim!
    The parent will be blame for what happen to the daughter not islam because the age of maturity of females varies,….
    Have heard from someone that says religion and culture are the problem of Nigeria of today,but I let him no that he is wrong that the problem nigeria is neither religion nor culture but the pple that practices them. Because they turn it to what will suit them in order to make benefit from it!
    @Gbenga,Adetah and Abiye…pls these are Qn for u
    1 what is the age that female ought to marry according to bible?
    2 what age was Mary when she conceived?
    3 why is it that bible revised every now and then(by human)?
    4. What is the diff btw a girl and a woman
    6 is nigeria a christian country?
    Am waiting for your response but before then,let’s know our differences and respect them,that is what nigeria need to be healthier!

  13. @afolayan you must be a small pikin. Who is talking about religions in this place? Can you leave your daughter at that age to marry AGBALAGBI? If yes then I pray that a situation will arise that will cause you to do so but if no why do you want someone else to do so and you better hold your lips

  14. those Who Believe in such Re-grose acts should also give out their belove Daughters 2 early marriage in the name of Religion.
    God wil Judge u 4makin her 2 her early GRAVE.

  15. D Muslims Still Av D Guts To Say(According To Deir Quran) I Expect U To Go N Burn Dat Quran Becos U Ar Living In Total Darkness .Dis Is Inhuman Lets Accept D Truth Dat Includin D Man N D Parents Were Very Wrong. Hw Do U Feel As Man Putting An Eight Yr Old Girl Between Ur Legs Not Minding Her Pain N Age .If Dat Is Wat Muslims Call Religion Den Dey Are Insane N I Hate Muslims

  16. Please do not hate, let the interpretation of one not be for all. Culture and religion on trial! May Allah (SWT) open all our reasonings to reality.


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