Chinese Mum Lied To Daughter That She Was Adopted to ‘Encourage Her Independence


A Chinese mother lied to her daughter for 13 years saying that she was adopted to give her ‘more independence’.

The mum, known only as Shen, married into a wealthy family and had a child called Cheng Cheng.

But Shen struggled while bringing her daughter up and thought she was becoming spoilt and arrogant, Chinese media claim.

So instead of disciplining her, Shen thought it would be a good idea to try a new parenting technique.

She told Cheng Cheng when she was growing up: “Your real mother died a long time ago.

“I’m not your real mother, I’m just providing for your education up until you finish university. After that don’t count on my help anymore.”

It is then claimed that once Cheng Cheng eventually believed her mother’s words to be true, she started working harder.

Her academic performance improved, her arrogant traits began to disappear and the girl became “sensible and obedient,” Shenyang Evening News claim.

This was apparently followed by Cheng Cheng choosing to live on campus where she passed her university course with flying colours and landed a job at a top Shanghai software company.

Only after her success did Shen reveal the harsh truth to her daughter, who was understandably confused.

But the mum defended her controversial parenting technique.

She said: “My daughter is beautiful, she has a successful career making over 6,000 yuan every month and she’s now married to a good husband.

“There may be some people who do not agree with my methods, but if I had [told her the truth], she would have just been satisfied in her existing environment and wouldn’t have the motivation and prospects that she has now.”

Shen faced a huge backlash of criticism in China after the story was published with many saying her child could have several psychological scars from her ordeal.