Chuddy K: “I Once Sold Sachet Water In Lagos”

Singer Chuddy K might have a little controversy brewing or iit might just be nothing.

Reports say that the singer was paid to come perform in a live-show in Kubwa – a large sub-urban city in Abuja.

The singer was present at the occasion but totally refused to perform at all.

Even at the after party, which took place at a different venue, Chuddy K refused to even exit his car; I hear that the organizers have contacted the police and reported the case.

Eheh, on an unrelated matter, Chuddy K granted an interview with Tribune’s Rotimi Ige.

In the interview, Chuddy K tells us about his past, present and future plans. He also talks about his rise to stardom among other things.

Read excerpts below: –

What has Chuddy K been up to recently?
I’ve been working with both my management team in setting up Kent records and also making good music.

It seems you relaxed a little after the release of ‘gaga Crazy’ and ‘Brazilian hair’. Was it because they were doing well in the market?
I would beg to differ because I was actually on various international tours promoting those songs.

Having had many popular songs, which would you say really gave you prominence?
I would say ‘Slow Slow’. The song enjoyed huge acceptance across the length and breadth of the continent and for this I am eternally grateful to my many fans across Africa and the rest of the world.

What was the inspiration behind the song?
It’s more like your typical boy loves girl and the feeling is not mutual and the boy is suffering and confused. I’m sure we’ve all experienced this (laughs).

Now that you are one of the artistes that Nigerians look up to for good music, how do you intend to keep your fans satisfied?
I intend to do this fully by continuing to meet their demand for good music, I’ve got massive tunes that will be dropping soon under Kent records.

Critics thought you were only good at singing slow R n B songs until you came out with Gaga Crazy. Why did you decide to change genres?
Good music is from the soul which I believe has no genre. I also decided to try something different, which was a huge success.

‘Gaga Crazy’ was really accepted across the continent and beyond. How did you come about the title of the song?
It’s what you want to do when you are really having a good time at the club after a long week on a Friday, you just want to let loose, unwind and go ‘gaga’. It’s crazy in here, ‘gaga crazy’.

Your videos are always very colourful. Who are the brains behind them?
Just myself and the video production team. I am glad to have people who understand the concepts of whatever I want to do.

A lot of people compare you and Wande Coal…What is your take on this?
Not much, it’s expected. After all, we were both in the same Acapella group called ‘Salvation boiz’ and a lot of people say we sound alike.

What type of music does Chuddy K do?
Good music

What were your greatest musical influences growing up?
Michael Jackson, R. Kelly, Usher.

What differentiates you from every other Nigerian act?
There is only one Chuddy K.

What challenges have you faced in your craft and how do you intend to overcome them and become one of the most sought after artistes in Nigeria?
What I intend to do is to simply continue making and effectively promoting my music so that I can meet the demand of my fans and together with my team here at Kent records, all I can say is that my fans should get ready.

What is your take on the recent endorsements of your colleagues in the industry?
I love making good music and that’s my major focus.

Critics say these endorsements may discourage the upcoming artistes as the sudden wealth may make the endorsed artistes snub their yet-to-be endorsed artistes. Could this be true?
I don’t think this is true, as having an endorsement means that you are more talented or you make better music. This shouldn’t discourage anyone because as long as you keep making your music, opportunities will continue to open up to you.

What plans do you have for your fans this year?
To get them dancing and chanting my name

Being a ladies’ man, how have you been able to steer clear from scandals?
Na God o, because man proposes and he disposes

Is Chuddy K single?
I am in a relationship

What is your ideal kind of woman?
A home maker who is confident in herself

What’s your normal day like?
Chilling with friends, listening to good music and playing fifa 13 on ps3

Tell us something no one knows about you.
Hmm, I once sold pure water on the streets of Lagos

What would you have been if not an artiste?
A footballer

Tell us a bit about your early life and education?
I grew up in a Lagos suburb called Ajegunle where I attended my primary education at Queens care nursery/primary school, I  later moved out of Ajegunle to Agboju Amuwo near Festac Town, where I had my secondary education at Awori Ajeromi Grammar School and then I moved to Upper College, Aiyetoro-Ijaninkin where I wrote my WAEC examinations. My life as a youth was not a very pleasant one, which contributed to my moving around to get educated. My parents were divorced some few months after my birth and I was left to stay with my dad at that tender age. I even did some other odd jobs to see myself through school and life.

Describe your early family life.
I started singing at a tender age of 12 back then in Ajegunle where I grew up appreciating the likes of Daddy Showkey and Daddy Fresh, who started their careers around me as a kid in the ghetto called Iya Ojo, in Ajegunle.

As music started paving good ways for them, I started having aspirations of becoming a star like them. I later became a teenage chorister in the church I was attending back then; I was upgraded to the lead vocalist in a short time due to my musical prowess.

I attended musical contests and concerts with the church choir (Victory Christian Church) but later left Ajegunle for Agboju, where I met with a friend called Jerry who introduced me to some of his friends who had just formed a gospel group called the Salvation Boiz.

Any album in the making for 2013?
No.  I have decided to wait till 2014.

Your most memorable moments in your musical career?
Every day of my music journey has been memorable.

Your most embarrassing moments?
When I was punked in a mall in South Africa.


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