El-Rufai: “Nothing Can Make Jonathan Succeed”

el-rufai-and-gejFormer Minister of the Federal Capital Territory and chieftain of All Progressives Congress, APC, Malam Nasir el-Rufai in this interview culled from Saturday Sun talks about why he has remained a constant critic of President Goodluck Jonathan, why he cannot serve under the current administration and his plans for 2015.

Mr. el-Rufai, who said he understands President Jonathan better than those around him now, also adduced reasons why he thinks the present administration cannot succeed.


When asked if he has a hidden agenda for his persistent criticism of government, Mr. el-Rufai says, “No, no, no. Jonathan was actually a good friend of mine at the time he was deputy governor. To me, when a friend of mine is destroying Nigeria, I have to speak. And I believe strongly that Jonathan has been systematically destroying the fabric of unity in this country. He has been promoting divisions and corruption and impunity at the highest level. Even if we were from the same mother, I would criticize him if he does that. I don’t care! I think Nigeria is more important than any relationship, personal or familiar. And if my own brother was the one running Nigeria the way Jonathan is ruining it, I will criticize him.”

Don’t you think your criticism will be better channelled if you participate in his government?

No! I don’t believe that. I don’t believe that the devil will repent. I don’t believe that when you see something and you know how devilish it is, you will improve. There is a limit to how much you can change what is technically bad. I believe that the Jonathan government is completely and totally bad and anyone that joins will only come back spoilt. So, I don’t believe that. I have never for a moment even considered having anything to with the Jonathan government. Not even for a moment.

People believe he listens more than former President Obasanjo whom you worked with and that you were one of the arrowheads that made that government succeed. Those advancing this argument also believe that being part of this government, you would also make it succeed. What is your take on this?

Nothing can make Jonathan succeed. He is grossly incompetent, he doesn’t listen, he doesn’t even understand the issues. I am sorry! I know the man more than those that are shouting with Jonathan because when he was my friend, none of them even knew him. I knew Jonathan as a deputy governor in 2002. That was when I first met him and we have been relating. So, all these new found Jonathan lovers should just shut up. I know him and I know what he can do and what he cannot do. So, please, they should just leave me alone. Those that want jobs can go and take jobs. I don’t want.

His plans for 2015

I am going to continue to work on building our party at every level and hope that we will present an excellent presidential candidate that will ensure that Jonathan goes back to Otuoke. That is my plan.


  1. Malam El- Ruffai its a shame to hear you speak this way. We respect some of you but we just discovered that you truly don’t have plans for Nigeria except leading them. Every man has the potentials to become good and make impact if the right people get closer to him. We all can change Nigeria without becoming the President of the Country. America did their elections after then the aspirants shook hands and also shared policies to better the country and they keep growing every minutes of the day. You guys need re-orientations to be positive in thoughts and Speaking.

  2. True leaders don’t play God because no man has monopoly of Success. Success is an achievement not a birth right Malam El-Ruffai any Man make the difference if assisted to actualize it. You talked about the Peace,Unity and togetherness of Nigeria but your words and views don’t show that your views due inside of you. A tree can not make a forest so also can a President being rebelled by many who ought to assist rather choose to humiliate,discredit,abuse,criticise etc to fault his efforts to the success of our great nation.

  3. El – Rufai is nothing but a mere critic and a tribalist together with his mastermind group! But one thing I would like him to understand is that Jonathan must win 2015 presidential election or else disintegration, chaos and general earthquake are going to be obtainable in every part of the country .

  4. what is wrong our nigerian government, see wat is happening, political crises,our country nigeria cannot grow, if we can’t support each other that is why there political crises in dis country, kissing of innocent people, ds seat you are fighting for is only 4 d money not 2 rule ds great country nigerian why. Our country is a very country. Lets join our hand and make our country better.Malam El-Refai

  5. We want change change that will bringabout formidable policies ,policies which will protect me as a student,worker and a retiree. Once this is inshrinte for me then who cares about who rules. Mallam el Rufai you will for ever be misunderstood by the agreeved. I pray the president pass on the baton to someone who will come with policies that will protect me and others thank you.

  6. It is a shame dat in Nigeria we allow envy and greed prevail in our politics even to the extent of making us have no respect for each other @ least for the constituion which has given the so called president they see as good for nothing the right to be adressed so. see hw almighty mallam El-Rufai talks about his president(whether he likes it or not) without any adress as president Jonathan but ordinarilly as “Jonathan”. this shows the level of hatred and egoism expressed in disrespect for the president and Nigerians at large. Mallam El-Rufai truelly ur statement shows dat u do not have any good for Nigeria, check your life and change your thought towards dis country because your life is like every other person on earth which is subject to change; watch out “the most critised may turn out to be the best praised”.