Fani-Kayode To Bianca Ojukwu: You’ll Suffer The Consequences Of Your Lies And Sheer Wickedness

femi_n_biancaFormer Aviation Minister, Chief Femi Fani-Kayode has launched a fresh onslaught against Mrs. Bianca Ojukwu, Nigeria’s Ambassador to Spain making reference to her as the biblical Jezebel.

Mr. Fani-Kayode, who seemed to have been irked by the former beauty queen’s public denial of their purported love affair many years ago, insisted that he is not a liar and vowed to fight with everything he has to protect and defend his integrity.

In a Facebook post seen about four hours ago on his wall entitled “An Ode to Jezebel”, Fani-Kayode suggests that Ambassador Bianca is acting out a script by someone, who he did not mention but stressed that the plot to discredit him shall fail.

Quoting copiously from the bible, the former minister re-affirmed his faith in God and His promise to make him triumph over his enemies adding, “My God is awesome. He that is known as the Ancient of Days never sleeps and never fails. The battle belongs to Him.

“Sit back and watch this show unfold for it was ordained before the oracles of time and there is a hidden and divine purpose for it”, he says, adding that “I never wanted it to be like this. I never asked for a fight and I did all I could to avoid it. I may have been indiscreet in my attempt to make a simple point but I am not a liar and neither will anyone brand me as one just to please their oriental constituency.”

According to Fani-Kayode, whose recent articles on the deportation of some destitute of Igbo origin from Lagos to Anambra State sparked one of the most heated debates in recent times and exposed the deep-rooted mutual suspicion between the Yorubas and Igbos, noted that he was brought up to “always avoid rancour, discord, war and conflict and to always seek the path of peace, especially when dealing with ladies.”

This upbringing he said does not apply when “war” is forced upon him and his integrity called to question saying, “I will fight with everything that I have got to protect it and to defend myself. This is because truth is like a pearl that must never be allowed to be buried or shattered and I am a servant of truth.”

Fani-Kayode adds that “By the time all this is over we will know who the liar is and whose God rules in the affairs of men. Meanwhile the one that is encouraging my adversary to take this ugly road to perdition and that is using her to try and discredit and silence me shall fail.”

He encouraged Mrs. Ojukwu to use all the “power and influence” that she has as well as her “Jezebellian wiles” but warns, “You have woken up a lion that never backs down and that has never lost a war- He is the Lion of the Tribe of Judah and He is with me.”

While accusing her of repaying his “good with evil,” Fani-Kayode placed a curse saying, “Unless I have told a lie about what transpired between us in the distant past, may God cause you and those that are encouraging you on this destructive course, to suffer the consequences of your lies and sheer wickedness.”


  1. Your problem is that you talk too much and have time to do long articles. Can you just keep shut for some time and behave like a bussy man even if you are not. Frankly speaking, i am very sure you are not telling lies but this is what happens when people talk and write too nuch. Stay away from media, press, articles and social network for some time and let’s see if some one will call your name again. Now you are heart broken because some one you once dated according to you is denying in public and have requested you denounce you claim publicly.

  2. This man lack discipline. Who told you that you are doing the right thing? Do you really have wife and children or you go about being too promiscuous. What do u expect her to say before. Please have some reserves personal issues.

  3. Is this the type of character nigeria had as a minister an acclaimed Harvard law graduate or he is of recent into some kind of istability very unfortunate no when the whites consider this type of tirades and juvenile mentality they conclude that africa ranks worst in terms iq Femi funny Kayode is a shame to the men fulk,he is a shame to nigeria, he is a shame to black man and a shame to the entire academic world i’m sure this will encourage future scutiny of potential students.

  4. Oh so funny! Imagine what someone’s father, husband and a full grown man is saying nd belitling himself before the whole world! It’s clear that Fani is not whole and sane! Honestly something is wrong with him somewhere because even toddlers cannot stoop to low to speak d way he does; arguing over stupidity and even involving the name of God. Oh Oluwa Jesu! Pls his kinsmen should keep him indoors and watch him closely coz he’s going to smear himself with more terrible shit.

  5. That man, whatever he calls himself should go and sit down. He is always been like this,OLENU,OJI ONU or coward. Y did he not say this when Ojukwu was alive for him to go to jail. So he now waited for his death and now his is openning his mouth to talk rubbish as he has always been talking.

  6. I can’t but continue to curse the 1914 amalgamation of this country that is not working in all aspect of progress. People so love the darkness of lies and always stand by stupidity. Where were you, I mean people ranting here when Bianka made a threat of going to court, Most of display madness in jubilation then, I could remember i said that Bianka is a fool , who is trying to open the secret that will cause her to commit suicide. You people that are ranting here, I expect your empty head to ask questions, Was there any intimacy between them? If yes, Who is a lair? I said that i am still waiting for the court case and you fools that are talking here i know you must have read a lot of people who knew them coming out to testify to their relationship. You can read the account of Kemi Olunloyo, Who was an eye witness. When will Igbos wake up? The day a madman knows that he is mad, they day is made whole. Your ego is killing your generations and that is while you are politically behind in this country, Other tribes are treating you like lepers and you are looking at yourself as kings. When will you go back to drawing board and see that you are persona non gran ta in this country. Even most of your people who have understanding are condemning your stupid way of life. We want Bianka to come out and deny the fact that she has intimate relationship with Fani. Then she will know that khaki no be leather. For those of you who are ranting, I will be waiting for your abusive words. Go back to your villages and use your strength to build those God forsaken places.

    • @ Andrew Yinu, I think there’s something you don’t seem to understand here. From all indications it is obvious Bianca is denying the fact that she ever met FFK, but I think that’s what any sane woman we do. So why can’t FFK forget about this whole issue and let the sleeping dog lie afterall we all have past whether good or bad. Besides, it is not compulsory ladies marry a man that open them. What is even the big deal about having an affair with a lady way back in school. Remember this woman, Bianca is uncupying a public office. Please let accord her the respect she deserve. Come to think of it, she wasn’t in any way connected with deportation why should she now be the object of discussion. I think FFK kinsmen should call him to order before he incure the wrath of God because God loves widows especially when they are be punish unjustly.

  7. This man they called Femi Fanikayode is a big fool, even if there was something like that between them is he not suppose to be discreet about it. You are a disgrace to Nigeria. Unfortunately that is the type of person we appoint as a Minister in our country.

    So babyish and immature, i dont know what he is looking for or hope to achieve.

  8. Andrew and Goddy u guys r d only ones tha have said something reasonable here…d rest of u r jus talking like babies and mad people. Turning someones private life into an ethnic war is stupid. If u can shut up and nobody answers both of them trust me FFK and Bianca will keep quiet. FFK in as much as d affair is true, u shud let it remain in d past..fine we get it u once hit that ass- end of story. Madam B u can deny but asking him to deny too doesn’t n he did or dod not date u. I’m outta here joor.

  9. I will always maintain that Femi Fan-Kayode is a very lucky man.
    What is he trying to prove? That he had sex with Bianca and God should come to his assistance to show the whole world that he had sex with now a married woman in the past.
    If I were to be related to Binca, you should have been in court a long time ago doing this proving that you want God to assist and presenting all the video evidence and photographs of the intimate relationship.
    You are scared of going to court and you feel you have an integrity to protect, but you sit behind a computer to type long malicious articles discrediting others in order to get cheap attention of the emerging political parties where you will be embezzling public funds.
    Honestly, there is a need for an act that will serve as a deterrent to other Femi Fani-Kayodes’ that may still emerge in future.

  10. FFK,what is your problems.Why is ofemmanu so daft.You want a married chief to admit to you she got pregnant for you some years ago.That was gone.Wake up and be a man or somebody will come up and tell the word how many times he slept with your wife’s…

  11. can someone pls tell this man(FFK) to get the hell out. this man makes my stomach turn with anger and this is the worst article have ever read in my life. Its disgusting to see him refer to the scripture to back up his irresponsible life style. it’s a shame to have such a man lead in this country, he’s a shame to manhood, a shame to fatherhood if at all, a shame he knows the scripture. what do you expect of a shameless fool over all this post? ‘keep quiet’ watch out! he’ll show his highest level of foolishness and shamelessness once more.

  12. Why hurling insults on Fani Kayode ? Must u insult people in ur attempts to make contribution to any issue? Why are u not concerned about Bianca denial of what is true? Anyway, I know nigerians don’t see lie telling as a social vice that must b discourage. In a sane society Bianca wld have been seen as a woman without integrity and unworthy to be made an Ambassador, but d reverse is d case in Nigeria.