For Ladies – 6 Beauty Secrets You Should Know!

images (5)To help you out in your quest for a radiant and healthy looking skin, we are giving some beauty secrets. Use the following tricks to love yourself, before making someone else fall for you! Take a look

1. Conditioner for shaving legs
Shaving legs might give you a smooth and hair free skin instantly, but what do you do to get that satiny feel? Well, next time just use regular hair conditioner and see the difference. Slather some conditioner generously on your leg and then shave. You will feel like a sexy diva instantly

2. Cucumber as a stress buster
You might have known that cucumber has cooling properties, but did you know that it alleviates stress? Its aroma produces happy hormones in your brain, known as serotonin and melatonin. Next time you return home feeling a little stressed, cut some fresh slices and place them on your eyes. It lends a cooling sensation, helps you feel relaxed, and reduces the puffiness from your eyes as well.

3. Lemon juice helps whiten nails
Lemons are known to have bleaching properties. Right from skin fairness to treating acne scars, lemons are one-stop solution. However, very little is known about their potential to whiten and strengthen nails. Just dip your nails in a solution of lemon water and see for yourself. The citric acid is known to whiten nails.

4. Beer improves hair volume
Dull or limp hair can be given a voluminous boost through a good beer rinse. The alcohol adds bounce to the hair, along with some dazzling sheen. Massage some beer in your hair, then wrap a towel on your head. Leave it on for a few minutes before you shampoo your hair.

5. Baby oil is a good makeup remover
Heavy makeup can be easily removed with baby oil. The oil gently removes the makeup without drying or irritating the skin. In fact, it nourishes the skin with essential oils, making up for the moisture loss.

6Toothpaste for soothing pimples
Toothpastes are cooling on skin and hence, can be used as immediate relief or quick fix for acne. Apart from pus filled pimples, the toothpaste can also be used to soothe skin irritations caused by insect bites or burns. It is best to use menthol toothpaste for this.