For Ladies – Tips To Recognise A Toxic Relationship!!!

images (3)All ⁠relationships⁠ have their ups and downs, but some relationships are just toxic!  How do you know if the relationship you are in is a toxic relationship or not?

Sometimes it is hard to see it when you are in it, but if you feel negative consuming thoughts about him throughout the day then there is a problem.  A healthy relationship is one that brings you happiness when you are with that person and away from them.  The relationship is secure.  Both you and your partner have expressed feelings of companionship and wanting to be in the relationship.

A toxic relationship is one that is rocky from the beginning, there is never clarity if the relationship is going somewhere or not.  There is no understanding on how the other person really feels which leaves you feeling confused or hurt.  You may have tried to end the relationship only to find yourself back in it once again.  You fight or get upset over trivial things like, he says he is going to be there but does not show up, or does not make plans to do things with you, but calls at the last moment.  He makes plans with his friends on the weekends, and only see’s you during the week or perhaps tries to fit you in somewhere in-between.  When the two of you are together it may feel great, but when you are apart there is no understanding of where the relationship is going or if it was just a booty call or him passing time until he meets another woman.  After a few months of this then you know it is not going anywhere serious.  Don’t ever be afraid to say something, or speak your mind, let a man know what you expect or want and stick to it.

Every relationship goes through stages as the couple begins to know each other and gets comfortable with one another.   A big part of that is open communication and willingness to give of oneself.  When the relationship is good then the ⁠couple is equal in wanting to be in it, and planning time to spend with one another, respect and consideration.  A toxic relationship feels more one sided!

Understanding when to call it quits and sticking to it can be the most challenging part, but if the pain is more than the gain then ending it is the right thing to do!