Frank Edoho’s Ex: “Any Man Coming Into My Life Now Is Just Coming To Suffer”

Its been roughly three years since her separation from her ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’s host, Frank Edoho and Katherine obiang has finally opened up on why she is not ready to remarry now.

Katherine claimed that she had a lot of men seek her hand in marriage but she has made it clear that any man she settles for right now, is definitely going to suffer because she is chasing money at the moment and has no time to pay an attention to any relationship.

Read what see said: –
“I am taking a breather. Right now, I have young children. After you have been in a relationship for so long, I think it is healthy to open your mind to other things. Let’s chase money first, it will come along. When you look at your children, you want to give them so many things, so let me focus on that.”
She also said, “My parents do ask me, especially my mum. I am busy doing so many things, which include Lekki Wives Season II. Anyone who comes into mylife now is just coming to suffer. I can’t focus on that person. It is not that I don’t get attention, I do. I get all sorts of attention, but I am not ready. I think in our society, people don’t understand when you say you are not ready. They look at me, like I must be mad; but that is the truth. For me, I don’t want to bargain, because there are so many things to consider. I am on the radio from 10am to 3pm. From that time to wherever, I am running against time and, of course, I must also pay attention.”



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