“If I were President, Islam Will Be Banned And All Churches Burnt Down” – Daughter Of Former Oyo Governor Kemi Olunloyo

kemi-olunloyo67Facebook Drama queen, Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo, 49-year-old daughter of former Oyo governor, Victor Omololu Olunloyo known to make controversial statement is at it again.

She made this post yesterday via her Facebook page titled ‘An Open letter to Nigerians’.

Here is what she wrote:


If I were President–By Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo #ISLAM will be BANNED in Nigeria! All CHURCHES will be BURNED down #CHRISTIANITY will be illegal! Religion is an absolute disease that has killed our country! Nigerians are too busy hating on one another they are destroying themselves–WITH RELIGION!

What do you think, would you do same?


  • I won’t, I’ll rather be pragmatic in solving such religious confusions. She should try and distinguish between religion and the disciples’ personal emotional drives which are now affecting their attitude. I strongly believe that NO RELIGION TEACHES IMMORALITY!

    • She made the comment on her facebook page not on NTA. Are you also trying to make Nigerians know you are still alive by making comment that does not address the issue?

  • Rubbish! Islam shld b banned n all mosques burned down. Christianity has no evil against muslims. Muslims r very hrtless n callous. Burn down the churches n face the wrath of God.

    • @p.gurl, this show how myopic you are. the worst crime against humanity is by Christendom and their harlots. just to name few. Who started world war I & II? Who killed people in their millions in their crusader war against muslim in Jerusalem and its suburb? Who killed million native west indies and aborigines? who go around killing innocent people in their name of making us safe?
      Meanwhile, I need to separate religion from people. is non-sense for people to mix religion with people’s attitude. No religion should be banned but people’s security should be guaranty?

  • U often make controversial statements and go unpunished please leave Religion out of myopic view else, u’ll be in hot soup. Just concentrate on ur artificial ROD!

  • That is bad view over d solution 2 Nigeria’s problem.If that was done, then Nigeria will be lives with which religion?

  • i God will burn kemi omololu, her papa olunloyo, her mama, her husband, her children, and all she worked for and acquire in her life, from today i prophesized she will never meet a seconds of happiness in her life, so shall it be

  • Our religious leaders are not helping matters, their main target now, is money, money, enemies, neighbours, colleages, inlaws are witches, that all you hear, which ever way they garnished it. Gone are those days that you hear good & sound preaching/teachings of holiness, forgiveness, morals, the fear of God, and all that. Everyone now hide under the umbrella of religion to perpetrate evil, of course they all belong to one church or mosque. What are our religious fathers DOING???

  • I seek refuge in you God Almigthy away from the forsaken one(satan)……………..Amen”””””I pray God delivers u completely away from all this ur write up, wld I say u are getting more younger or what, with level of ur age….u need to stop all this pranks and get to look for a man to keep u happy instead of the machine u sleep with always,,,,,,,bye

  • Hmmmm. Madam at it again.
    But in the real sense a lot is happening in the name of religion. Sometime the truth can be bitter but i fink she’s making sense. Even do we do things according to bible? Which day is the sabbath day and how come we worship on sunday? There are so many question that i can’t ask on social network but i know God will judge those that mislead us.

  • The killing & violence in Nigeria is not about religion but political. I can assure Nigerians that if by 2015 a Northerner emerge as President the so called Boko Haram will stop their madness.
    I think Kemi is suffering from some kind of psychological disorder. Something connected to loneliness.

  • This a comment can only be made by a deranged, God-forsaken, frustrated and miserable and immoral old woman who wasted her life and prime sleeping with every dick, tom and harry and ended up with two bastards sons who have no one to call father,having come from multiple men spermatozoa. She deserves our collective sympathy. If not for religion,someone could just kill her. Soviet Union wiped out religion,God wiped out Soviet Union. One day she will pass on and religion will remain.

  • @Femi: you’re not mature, how come u took it so personal that u had to rain such amount of curses on a person who is exercising her right to freedom of expression. Well, ur language and grammar show u r not exactly learned.

    As for the controversial statement, I’ve seen too many religion in d eyes of murderers and rapists. People do evil in seismic proportion of which Christ himself would’ve been incapable. I’m a xtian and my philosophy of religion is not religionism but “relationship and emulation.”Christ wants to be emulated more than He wants to be worshipped. Anyone can destroy a building but no one can decimate d church. And honestly, I love d muslims and d african traditionalists, we just need a little more understanding, action, and tolerance.

  • One thing that i know is true about your father is that, he is neither an atheist nor an agnostic. I wonder what made you like this. I pray that your eyes of understanding will be opened like the Saul of Tarsus who later became a vessel in the hand of God. The good Lord in His infinite mercy will touch you and transform you before you leave for thereafter. Amen.

  • You are a daughter of a very reputable Nigerian, these comment are least expected from you. Don’t deceive yourself to think that sarcastic statements will be our way forward for this country, you are only making yourself a laughing stock to Nigerians.Why not just bury your head quite to face fate and facts of life. Could you have been saying this when your dad was a governor. What Legacy are you leaving for your Children if you ever have their Affection. Mark it your words might hunt you,please advice yourself and swallow your saliva gently else it will even choke you before u know it…… dear

  • Kemi I support you in this one and you should know that it’s not only in Nigeria alone. Xtian and islam is d only problem that’s killing Nigeria and the world. If xtian and islam are crushed or banned, peace will reign in ds country. Apart from xtian and islam, we have some other notable religions who worship God and they don’t disturb d world.

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