I’ll Not Allow Amaechi Open New PDP Secretariat Even Inside Govt House, Says Wike •You’re A Tout, No Pedigree, Amaechi Fires Back


The Minister of State for Education, Chief Nyesom Wike, has renewed his rivalry Governor Rotimi Amaechi following the sack of nine ministers on Wednesday by President Goodluck Jonathan.

Wike accused Amaechi of playing God, whereas he is not, in apparent reference to insinuations that one of the conditions the Rivers governor gave President Jonathan government was the sack of Wike; a Minister of State for Education, who has now been made supervising minister of his ministry.

Wike also declared that he would not allow Amaechi, who is also the Chairman of the Nigeria Governors’ Forum (NGF), to open a secretariat of the new Peoples Democratic Party (nPDP) in Rivers State, not even in Government House, Port Harcourt.

The minister stated these yesterday evening at the playground of the Girls’ Secondary School, Abonnema of Kalabari Kingdom, the headquarters of the coastal Akuku-Toru LGA of River state, at the LGA and Wards (17) inauguration of the Grassroots Development Initiative (GDI), of which Wike is the grand patron.

Earlier, there was a thanksgiving service at the same venue, with Wike arriving the venue at 4:41 pm, in an Aero helicopter, marked BN-BHG, which left immediately.

Wike immediately proceeded to the nearby palace of the Amanyanabo (monarch) of Abonnema, King Gbobo Disrael Bobmanuel, on a courtesy visit, with the royal father pleading with the minister to see to the establishment of a federal secondary school in the ancient town.

The minister of state for education returned to the playground at 5:41 pm for the inauguration, while the chopper returned at 5:50 pm, but had to wait till the end of the programme.

Wike said: “Change has come to Rivers State. I will plead with you to join me and say this: ‘Amaechi, you are not God and you cannot be God,’ because you are a tenant. Your house rent has expired and you cannot pay. Pack and go. Tenant, pack and go.

“Man proposes God disposes. They thought they could give condition, because of your prayers, all they have done have come to nothing. Help me thank Mr. President, for the confidence he has in me, to keep me back, as a minister in the Federal Executive Council.

“Continue to support our brother, continue to support our son. Preach the message that come 2015, President Goodluck Jonathan will come back. Continue to support Dr. Goodluck Jonathan.

“There is only one PDP. Those who said they have two million votes; they are still going for meetings to give conditions. We are not accepting any condition. The only Chairman of this party is Felix Obuah.

“They wanted to dare us, to see whether we are still in government. We are in government. We are PDP government and nobody can open office of any parallel party in Rivers State. They should go to their Government House. I will not allow them to open it, even in Government House, because their rent has expired.”

According to him, “Before, they said we were Abuja politicians. Now they are saying we are in Rivers State every week. The politicians have come home. When I told them they would not sleep, they did not understand. Are they sleeping now? You can now see 4-1-9. They have been showing the same model primary school since 2007. 4-1-9 government, pack and go.”

In his reaction last night, Amaechi, who spoke through his Chief of Staff, Tony Okocha described Wike, a former ally as an example of everything that is wrong with the country.

The chief of staff added that Wike is a misfit, empty vessel, intellectually dry, a ragamuffin and playing God.

He stated that every citizen of Nigeria had the rights to freedom of association, freedom of speech and the freedom of movement, and that the minister of state for education had no right to restrict the governor’s movement.

Okocha said: “Wike should be told that the new PDP, led by Alhaji Kawu Baraje, has come to stay in Rivers State. There is nothing anybody can do about it. The secretariat of the New PDP has been opened and the party’s flags have been hoisted.

“Wike has no pedigree. He is a tout. I do not know who is more 4-1-9 than Wike. He awarded to himself, all the contracts under the auspices of Almajiri, using pseudo names, without following due process. He never bothered about the quality or standard of education in Nigeria, but he is concerned about infrastructure to make money. ASUU strike does not concern Wike.

“Wike, as a lawyer, has never worked in any firm. He has never practised law anywhere in Nigeria. Wike, as the supervising minister of education, is a misfit and appointed in error. Wike is one of the indices to measure a failed state, by putting a square peg in a round hole, when all nations of the world know the importance of qualitative education.

“Governor Amaechi is not playing God. Wike is the person playing God. What is Wike’s business of campaigning for Rivers 2015 governorship in 2013, when INEC has not lifted ban on campaigns? He is using President Jonathan as a smokescreen. Wike is playing to the gallery, instead of focusing on ASUU strike.”


  1. Wike is just brawl and no brain,we all know why he escaped the sack,he’s one of the attack dogs of GEJ.tell me the effort wike has put into resolving the ASUU strike.he’s busy dashing down to Rivers state every minute whereas our students have spent more than 2 months at home due to a strike that could be avoided.Shame on him

  2. Amaechi, respect urself and u can,t hv peace ,if u ,don,t want peace 4 others. u better close down dat gud 4 nothing office, or else, not even ur kins men will support u ,when d game is set.

  3. I simply can’t understand this political thug called Wike that has diarrhoea of the mouth and suffers from affective disorder. As a junior minister of education, your primary onus is to see to the issues that borders on education’s growth and development in this country. ASUU has embarked on strike for about three months now, ditto ASUP. You have practically left Abuja and have taken over the government of Rivers State with your incessant and frequent display of rascality. You have become the de facto governor of Rivers State with Mbu, the state commissioner of police as your aide-de-camp, both of you intimidating and terrorizing elected officials and the good people of River State. My greatest worry is with Mr. President that gives you the backing and support to carry out these act of lawlessness in a democratic society. If the touts and political jobbers like Wike that surrounds Mr. President continue like this, 2015 re-election will be far from you. The recent humiliation you suffered at the PDP Special Convention and the crisis currently rocking the party is a case in point here. To you Wike, be reminded that you are a mere political appointee, nominated by the same Amaechi you are persecuting today. What goes around comes around. Why don’t you go and dissipate this energy of yours in your ministry and let us see if ASUU strike will not be over!


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