Jonathan’s Administration A ‘Total Failure’, Says Shekarau

Ibrahim-ShekarauFormer governor of Kano State, Malam Ibrahim Shekarau, yesterday undertook a critical assessment of President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration and concluded that it is nothing but a ‘total failure.’

Shekarau, a one-time presidential candidate under the banner of the defunct All Nigeria People’s Party (ANPP), made this view known at a conference organised by the Movement for Better Future and Democratic Emancipation Movement in Kaduna.

He said as a result Jonathan’s failure, he does not deserve reelection in 2015.

The former governor, who was a member of the merger committee of the APC, said: “My assessment is that the government is a total failure. It is not about projects as I have said but about the wellbeing and safety of the people”.

On the way forward, he said: “The only answer to this failure is to get the right people to do it. It is not about the rules.

“The electorates have a very big role to play because people must have a change. That is why we said that this change we are talking about in the APC is not just change of government but change of attitude and people must vote according to their belief and consciousness of accepting who will do the right thing.”

On the importance of the merger, he said: “We have never had merger before now but alliances and government of national unity.

“There has never been merger. We have melted into one and I think that was the biggest achievement and that is what gives Nigeria a lot of hope.”

He assured: “There is not going be any crisis because we are going to be fair to all. Everybody in the party will be free to aspire to any office.

“But I think that no matter the number of people who aspire, we are going to come out clean from it.”