Kwara United Ready for Macthday 28 Replay but Warri Wolves Cry Foul.

The management of Kwara United FC have come to terms with the verdict of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) organising and disciplinary committee on the botched matchday 28 home fixture against Warri Wolves.

On Thursday, the NFF committee ordered a replay of the matchday 28 tie between Kwara United and Warri Wolves after the first clash in Ilorin was abandoned.

Kwara United were fined N5 million (about $30,864) for “ineffective security” while Wolves were handed a N3 million (about $18,519) for “failing to resume play” during the contest.

Reports suggests that the Ilorin club will now honour the match, but still wonder why the NFF verdict had not awarded them the three points and three goals as stipulated by article 4.2 (2) and 4.2 (5) of the rule book.

Glo Premier League.
Glo Premier League.

Kwara United also called on both the League Management Company (LMC) and the NFF to closely monitor the activities of Warri Wolves, which still remain discontent with the NFF verdict and are still nursing the allegation of match official beaten.

Warri Wolves have filed an appeal against the decision passed by the disciplinary committee of the NFF to reverse LMC’s verdict, insisting the “unfair” decision must be upturned.

The likelihood of staging a replay of the matchday 28 tie this Sunday is uncertain.

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